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St page I opened was factually incorrect I was going to give this book to a young girl but if I told her about this one thing I noticed why should I xpect her to believe any of the other storiesThe book claims the Black Mambas anti poaching unit were founded in 2007 In fact they were founded in 2013 I can live with thatBut the punch line It took only a year of Black Mamba patrols for the snaring to disappear almost completely and the rhino killings to stop Guadalajara en los tiempos del cólera entirelyWhere did you get these facts From the New York Social Diary Because that s the only place I can find a similar statistic Very RebelThe Black Mambas have done an absolutely brilliant job in REDUCING poaching and removing snaresBut the facts are looking at the Kruger Park alone because presumably you meant the area where the Black Mambas workIn 2017 alone overall poach. Around the worldIn this book readers willmbark on an mpowering journey through 100 new Bedtime Stories Featuring The Adventures Of Extraordinary Women Through The stories featuring the adventures of xtraordinary women through the from Nefertiti to Beyonc The uniue narrative style of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girlstransforms ach bi. .
Book is amazing and my daughter is Going To Love Getting The Second One to love getting the Second One Her one for her though the book has arrived with marks on the cover and I don t have time to replace it before my daughters birthday So we will just have to deal with the copy we have be sent This was a present for my 9 year old daughter and she does like it It must be said that is wonderfully illustrated and nicely bound but I find the writing rather pedestrian with not much flair and rather patronising
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also features disproportionate number of Americans which didn t scape my daughter Surely there have been numerous inspirational women from other parts of the world that could have been included in the book This book claims to leave a thrilling sense of possibility Getting away with lies Exaggerating facts Bad writing Tick tick tickThe very fir. This amazing book shows girls they can be anything they want Melinda Gates A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER This seuel to the sensational New York Times bestseller Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls showcases 100 brand new bedtime stories of incredible women throughout history and.