S book as it listed in the categories of literary fiction Ultimo deseo - Saga Geralt de Rivia 1 tela (Alamut Serie Fantástica) historical fiction and mysteries All true I guess There are secrets mysteries action revenge intrigues crimes murders torture The novel reminds me in some ways of the big adventures and narratives of old novels by Victor Hugo whose pen possibly makes an appearance in the novel Jules Verne the Dumas father and son with its sprawling narrative its wondrous descriptions of people and events itsistorical background the Spanish Civil War and the postwar years accurately reflected through a fantasy lens and even its gothic setting we Perdida en el tiempo have mysterious mansions dungeons cells castles underground passages true labyrinths This book bearsomage to literature to books to authors to the power of imagination and to the magic of readingThe book talks about books and writing and contains plenty of advice on writing some of it contradictory and there are many different types of writers contained in its pages It is metafictional at its best and I was not surprised when I read that the author also composes music There are variations on a theme in evidence stories are told and retold sometimes different versions sometimes from different perspectives and in different formats There is plenty of showing there is telling from direct witnesses or third Crónicas de la Torre II. La maldición del Maestro: 2 hand there are documents that bring us missing pieces from the pens of those who are no longer able to tell their own stories and everybody gets a chance to tellis or Donde habita el olvido her own story be it in the first person or the third be it directly or through a narrator The authoras explained that Crónicas de la Torre I. El Valle de los Lobos he writesis novels in a similar way to La historia interminable how movies are conceived and designed and that is evident when one reads the story as it is impossible not to visualise it Carlos Ru z Zaf n professesis admiration for Orson Welles and that comes across loud and clear in this book But El imperio final (Nacidos de la bruma [Mistborn] 1) however muche loves movies El Secreto del Rey: (El Sendero del Guardabosques, Libro 2) he believes books can conjure up worlds that no filmmaker would be able to bring to life and that isis stated reason for not selling the rights for the film adaptation of the series Part of me would like to watch it but I am convinced I d be disappointed so incredible is the world the author ALEXY (Génesis nº 1) has builtIave mentioned the style of writing when I talked about the translation and I El guardián de piedra: Los guardianes de piedra 1 have shared some uotes I keptighlighting and Traición en el Norte: (El Sendero del Guardabosques, Libro 4) highlighting text while I was reading it and I found it very difficult to select some to share but Iope the few fragments I Harry Potter y la Orden del Fénix have included will piue your curiosity and make you check a sample if you are not sure if you would like it you would One of the tips on writing contained in the bookighlights the importance of the way the story is written above and beyond the plot but in this case the two mix perfectlyI Dominada por el vikingo: romance erotico en español have mentioned some of the themes theistorical background and the mystery elements included in the story with some gore and violent scenes but there are plenty of magical lighter and funny moments as well and I wanted to share a couple of sentences from Isabella s notebook that I particularly enjoyed to illustrate the sense of El Vagamundos humour sometimes a bit dark also presentWe were three sisters but my father used to saye ad two daughters and one muleI didn t like playing with the other girls my specialty was decapitating dolls with a catapultI m not sure what else I can tell you to try and convince you to read this book I am from Barcelona and love the city even if some of the places mentioned in the novel no longer exist or not in their original form You could use the book as a guide for a visit and I know there were tours visiting some of the streets and settings of The Shadow of the Wind or you could lose yourself in the labyrinth of your imagination You could imagine the movie cast the characters or put yourself in their place I d appily be Alicia Gris pain and all If you need to live some adventures and take a break from your life go on enter the labyrinth and visit the cemetery of the forgotten books You might never want to find the way out I am rearing for another visit soon The last but I would say as fresh and outstanding as the bestseller The shadow of the Wind Zafon is without any doubt one of the best contemporaneous writers and this last novel is one of is greatest literary work An excellent book that takes you into the darkest places in Spain during "the years after the Civil War. Agical bridge between literature and our "years after the Civil War. Agical bridge between literature and our the first time in 20 years or so as a book reviewer I am tempted to dust off the old superlatives and event to employ some particularly vulgar clichs from the repertoire of publishers blurbs My colleagues may be shocked but I dont care I cant elp myself Harry Potter y las Reliquias de la Muerte here goes The Shadow of the Wind is a triumph of the storytellers art I couldnt put it down Enchantingilarious and Animal farm: A Fairy Story (Penguin Essentials) heartbreaking this book will change your life Carlos Ruiz Zafnas done that exceedingly rare thing INFECTUM (Edición completa): (El survival horror con más de 100000 descargas desde su publicación) heas produced in is first novel a popular masterpiece an instant classic Daily Telegrap. Outstanding This is a magnificent book and brings the series to a fantastic finish it feels series to a fantastic finish It feels about five books in oneIt s a great whodunnit mystery storyIt s a fabulous evocation of a time and placeIt s a beautiful love storyIt poses deep uestions about the things we value and ow we should respect themIt s an eye popping look at post Civil War Spanish Atrapada en el tiempo (Saga Outlander 2) historyIt scared me at times and also made me laugh out loud numerous times as the dialogue sizzles with snappy lines throughoutIave read the previous three books in this series a number of times and read them all again in order to set this fourth instalment up properlyShadow of the Wind is one of my all time favourite books and still delightsThe Angels Game was a worthy follow up but veered a bit too far into the fantastical for my tasteThe Prisoner of Heaven was avidly awaited and while enjoyable felt a bit as though it Eclipse (Saga Crepúsculo 3) had beenurried out to keep us Animales fantásticos y dónde encontrarlos (Un libro de la biblioteca de Hogwarts nº 1) happy The ending felt like a set up for book 4Well Book 4 is like all the previous three combined but betterHard to imagine I know but it is that big and that good The characters remain marvellous and the feeling for me was that this is the book that was originally envisaged but the other threead to be written first The ending is perfect and might induce a tearI really cannot recommend this too Fahrenheit 451 (Contemporánea) highly If you enjoyed any of the earlier books you will love this The first 3 Cemetery of Forgotten Books novels are some of my favourite books so I was excited to read this long awaited fourth entry in the series but unfortunately it was massively disappointingThe book is overly long twice the length of Shadow and Angel s Game and three times the length of Prisoner of Heaven and it is so slow paced that it is at times a chore to read There are a number of different plot lines some of which don t really go anywhere and three villains who are never developed at all the likes of Valls and Fumero in previous books were fun toate while the antagonists in this one are just kind of there to act menacinginsane for no real reason The main plot of the missing person is "mostly dropped for the last alf of the book meaning there is no "dropped for the last alf of the book meaning there is no focus to drive the story forward and it ends up meandering around creating weird relationships between characters and wrapping up the numerous threads in unsatisfying and sometimes unbelievable waysThe story jumps around between different viewpoints with little consistency but the bulk of the book is told from the perspective of Alicia who I found to be rather dull and repetitive She also isn t developed very well even though throughout the book she probably El Héroe de las Eras (Nacidos de la bruma [Mistborn] 3) had pages than expertly developed Daniel David and Ferminad in previous titles and I found myself not caring what FUBARBUNDY: LA ÚLTIMA PANDEMIA happened tker and feeling baffled that the other characters cared so much about Diario del Viajero her fateThe final 50 pages are a sort of bizarre and lengthy epilogue which tries to tie up the entire series and left me with a sour taste partly because it was bad and partly because it makes it seem as though this may be the last time we see this world and these characters and it feels sad to leave it on such a low This applies to the whole series of The Cementary of Forgotten Books I started reading them in adolescence and now in the prime of adulthood I found myself in tears as I closed the Labyrinth for the 1st timeDon t even consider it dear readerBuy it It changed my world Odds are it ll change tours What a fabulous and absorbing read this novel is It s 800 pagesave kept me enthralled all week I read the three preceding volumes in the seuence as they came out but as years Valeria en el espejo (Saga Valeria 2) have intervened my memory of them wasazy In the event though it would BÉSAME, POR FAVOR (UN GIN-TONIC, POR FAVOR nº 2) have been an advantage to remember the back stories to this novel it didn t matter that much you can read it independently of the others My impression isowever that the earlier books were gentler magical gothic and whimsical mysterious and atmospheric These ualities in this volume Maldito Profesor have been replaced to a certain extent by a darkeristorical realism The Cemetery of Forgotten Books is a dusty rather forlorn place now barely surviving the bombing raids during the civil war a place of brutal Esposa por contrato hunts and murdersowever it survives and continues to be the repository of books the world En los zapatos de Valeria (Saga Valeria 1) has forgotten a kind ofidden temple to the rites of art and literatureThe interweaving thread. The long awaited new novel from the author of the global bestseller and modern classic The Shadow of the WindAs a child Daniel Sempere discovered among the passageways of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books an extraordinary novel that would change the course of Valeria en blanco y negro (Saga Valeria 3) his life Now a young man in the Barcelona of the late 1950s Daniel runs the Sempere Sons bookshop and enjoys a seemingly fulfilling life withis loving wife and son Yet the mystery surrounding the death of Zorras (Ediciones B) his mother continues to plagueis soul despite the moving efforts of Enamorada de ti: (Bilogía Enamorados 2) his wife Bea andis faithful friend Fermn to save imJust when Daniel believ. S of the story are complex We begin with the eroine of much of the book Alicia being rescued by the inimitable Fermin during a bombing raid in which she is permanently wounded in the side carrying Hasta que te Enamores de mí: (Bilogía Enamorados 1) her pain wherever she goes thereafter We meeter again as an adult working during the Franco regime for the political police as an agent one of the best but she s ad enough and wants out once she s dealt with a final case That involves the disappearance of a Government minister Valls During er uest to locate Valls she teams up with an incorruptible colleague she gradually discovers that she s being set up by

Her Own Bosses Who 
own bosses who out to be evil incarnate It as to be said that the level of "cold blooded violence involving the extremes of man s inhumanity to man is "blooded violence involving the extremes of man s inhumanity to man is in this book no comfort read ere Be prepared for graphic descriptions of torture murder suffering Alicia is a Mi isla (Best Seller) highly intelligent and resourceful if enigmatic agent it s good to see a woman taking centre stage in this darkly machismo worldOnce she tracks down Valls and uncovers aistory of the abuse of children and their families at the A mi manera (Pijas y divinas) highest level of government once she discoversow Daniel s mother Isabella was murdered once she dispatches En el fondo me quieres (Nº2 serie En el Fondo) her enemies with cold blooded ruthlessness she escapeserself about two thirds of the way through the book There are cliffhangers galore in these pages surprise after surprise all brilliantly controlled and written a visceral thriller From then on the focus shifts to Daniel Mala mujer: La revolución que te hará libre (Guías ilustradas) his uest to find the truth aboutis family Mi jefe es un Highlander his relationship withis son Julian It is Julian who winds up the novel in an interesting episode of meta fiction that includes the mysterious Julian Carax co author it seems of the present uartetThe translation flows like a dream The whole enterprise is a significant and remarkable not to say uniue achievement The kind of book that draws you into it world dark funny tender mysterious and never lets you go Shadow of The Wind is my favourite book of all time I ve read all of Zafon s work but nothing RECUÉRDAME, POR FAVOR: Novela Romántica contemporánea (UN GIN-TONIC, POR FAVOR nº 4) has come remotely close to Shadowuntil nowThe Labyrinth of the Spirits is the fourth and final book in the Cemetery of Forgotten Books series and it s a very strong ending to the intertwined stories of literary intrigue and complex characters I don t want to give away any of the plot I didn t know much going into it and I m glad because this storyad layers than an onion and it was a magical experience to be able to peel them away one by one All of the characters from previous books feature in the story Daniel Bea little Julian old Sempere Isaac many of their neighbours from Shadow Carax and of course the absolutely wonderful Fermin Romero de Torres who La estrella de Nerea (Bilogía Las Estrellas nº 2) has to be one of the funniest and warmest characters ever created I wouldave liked a little Daniel and Bea if I m LA DROGA + DURA II: Intenta dejarla (BILOGÍA) honest There are also new characters led by the tough and enigmatic Alicia Gris a kind of Lisbeth Salander of times gone byIt s a long and complex story set against the dark backdrop of Franco s Spain The writing translated as beautifully as ever by Lucia Graves is sumptuous and delicious to read aside from a couple of clunky bits which I forgive This book comes a close second to Shadow and I will probably need to read it againI m feeling a little emotional that it s all over Mightave to go and read Shadow for a ninth time Thanks to NetGalley and to Weidenfeld Daniel Sampere bookshop owner extraordinaire searching for answers Ferm n Romero de Torres whimsical fun full of life and common sense witty Toda la verdad de mis mentiras heroic down to earth Juli n Sempere the stand in for the author andeir to a long tradition Isabella a mysterious figure much of the action revolves around authors David Mart n Julian Carax V ctor Mataix the fabulous Vargas a ¿Un Highlander? ¡Demasiado sexy para mí hard working an old fashionedonest policeman with some secrets of Valeria al desnudo (Saga Valeria 4) his own the complex Leandro theorrifying Hendaya the intriguing Rovira The story moves back and forth in time from the time of the Civil War in Spain 1938 to its aftermath during the Franco regime and into 1992 We visit Madrid Paris owever briefly although the main setting and the main character is Barcelona in all its glory and orrorIn the darkest corner of El día que me calle me salen subtítulos (La Erótica) hereart Barcelona mother of labyrinths VIBRATING LOVE: DESPERTANDO EL DESEO holds of mesh of narrow streets knotted together to form a reef of present and future ruinsI kept thinking what genre one would fit thi. Ese is close to solving this enigma a conspiracysinister than Seremos recuerdos (Canciones y recuerdos 2) he couldave imagined spreads its tentacles from the El reto del multimillonario (Los Sinclair nº 1) hellish regime That is when Alicia Gris appears a soul born out of the nightmare of the war She is the one who will lead Daniel to the edge of the abyss and reveal the secretistory of is family although at a terrifying price The Labyrinth of the Spirits is an electrifying tale of passion intrigue and adventure Within its aunting pages Carlos Ruiz Zafn masterfully weaves together plots and subplots in an intricate and intensely imagined omage to books the art of storytelling and that The Labyrinth of the Spirits: From the bestselling author of The Shadow of the Wind (Cemetery of Forgotten Books 4)