Creeper is a 13 year old street urchin survives on the streets of an alternative New Orleans A descendent of slaves brought to the America s she lives with the Orisha goddess Oya in her mindWhen she unwittingly uncovers a plot to release a weapon of Orisha magic over New Orleans she enlists the help of Captain Ann Marie and Oya s sister wife Oshun Between them they work to save the city and fight for their freedomI will be honest and say I struggled with the length of this novel It felt too short to fit into the ordinary category of YA lacking some depth to the characters and their experiences with their respective goddesses and also their full back stories Although it felt too short I loved the concept and feel like it s worth your time especially if you re looking for a speedy read I bought this on a whim after reading something about it on NK Jemisin s twitter and ended up reading it in two sittings it would have been one but I really had to sleep It s a novella but packs Rising science fiction and fantasy star P Djl Clark brings an alternate New Orleans of orisha airships and adventure to life in his immersive debut novella The Black Gods DrumsAlex Award WinnerIn an alternate New Orleans caught in the tangle of the American Civil War the wall scaling girl named Creeper yearns to escape the streets for the air in particular by earning a spot on board.

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Lot into the relatively short length the plot is tight and the world is so clearly imagined and characters are introduced and filled out beautifully CREEPER AND THE CAPTAIN ARE SUCH and the captain are such characters I hope he writes in this worldI was reminded at times of William Gibson s orisha in the Neuromancer trilogy and George RR Martin s Fevre Dream but this book was completely it s own wonderful thing Highly recommended The Black God s Drums by P Dj l Clark Highly recommended The Black God s Drums by P Dj l Clark a novella set in an alternative post US civil war New Orleans now a place of neutrality where the Unionists and Confederates mingle with the locals British French and Haitians that make up the population And in and amongst the city streets Creeper a young uick witted pickpocket who also happens to have a divine presence inside her overhears a plot about a kidnapped Haitian scientist and a mysterious weapon the Black God s Drums information which could be her ticket off the streets if she can find the right person to trade withI really enjo. The airship Midnight Robber Creeper plans to earn Captain Ann Maries trust with information she discovers about a Haitian scientist and a mysterious weapon he calls The Black Gods DrumsBut Creeper also has a secret herself Oya the African orisha of the wind and storms speaks inside her head and may have her own ulterior motivationsSoon Creeper Oya and the crew of the Midnight Robber. The Black God's DrumsYed this The world building an alternative New Orleans in 1884 complete with skyships magic and gods is really and enriching Even so as the story is narrated through Creeper complete with a slang dialect that makes the whole world really lived in and immerses you into the centre of the storyIt s a uick read at only 128 pages even still the story introduces some really interesting characters that you fall in love with straight away There s Creeper aka Jacueline "Ann Marie St Augustine the one legged airship captain and her cohorts a couple of uestionable nuns a feral orphan that "Marie St Augustine the one legged airship captain and her cohorts a couple of uestionable nuns a feral orphan that under the nun s care and Madame Diouf of the Sh Rouj bordello in Madamesville Really great characters that although we re only with them briefly draw you into the story and briefly draw you into the story and you want to stay after you turn the last pageIts an unusual magical and delightful story that is fast paced and doesn t let up once it grips you from the start I hope we get to revisit this wonderful world and people again Recommended. Are pulled into a perilous mission aimed to stop the Black Gods Drums from being unleashed and wiping out the entirety of New OrleansA sinewy mosaic of Haitian sky pirates wily street urchins and orisha magic Beguiling and bombastic New York Times bestselling author Scott WesterfeldAt the Publishers reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applie.
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