St 2 then 499 so I ve spent "almost 15 now wouldn t have started reading "15 now Wouldn t have started reading if I d known there were so many This carries on with the issue of Matthew s watch and the stories of the people who have magic whose lives are interwoven into theirs in an ffort to find an answer I love the way the characters interact with The Physics Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained each other and how we learn about themvery

I fondly keep hoping things Matt and India Cyclops and Catherine will have a happy nding but attitudes are not accepting of differences By this book five I am heavily invested in their lives and continue to hop. Help India and his friends can offer before time runs out But his nemesis will do Anything To Bring About His Downfall Including to bring about his downfall including Matts family with a scandal that can ruin them and Matt and Indias chance of happine. ,
Loved these books but getting a little fed up when they finish abruptly so you have when they finish abruptly so you have buy yet another I feel they are being strung out now India Steele the Time Magician brought up in ignorance of her magic by her who were frightened by the anti magic power of the Craft Guilds Her partner in crime "solving Glass who is in turns a dead man given a second chance by magic an American outlaw "Matt Glass who is in turns a dead man given a second chance by magic an American outlaw inlaw the next Lord Ryecroft and the unattainable love of her life Set forth on another crime solving xploit involving the Church and a Convent of nuns with a secret or two To find the one man who can fix the magic in Matts watch he and India are led to a convent where the nuns will do anything to keep their secrets private Including murder Matt and India must uncover the truth behind the. O hideSet in roughly Victorian London India Matt and their friends are tangled in this tale of murder and Victorian upper class manners I m not good at book reviews but I ve loving this series so much I m binge reading whilst in lockdown This one saw a conclusion to one story arc but a noooooooooooo for another story arc Just downloaded the next book kids can get their own lunch I ve no time for such tasks The whole series so far has been good but is dragging a bit Now waiting for 6th book which I can t get for my kindle due to problem with publisher Started off being 99p for fir. Disappearance of the mother superior and two babies given "TO HER CARE MANY YEARS AGO "her care many years ago sometimes the truth is painful and its xposure can have deadly conseuencesWith his magic watch slowing down Matt needs all the. The Convent's Secret (Glass and Steele Book 5)