A Hope Divided (The Loyal League Book 2)And my great grandmother who I knew was mixed race like the character in this book Marlie is black and white and both and neither and reading her story helped me see into what my grandmother s lives must have been like Even than my ownI m mixed race too but I don t look it I pass and was taught to pass by my grandparents Considering they left the rez to avoid residential schools I ve never blamed them for thatBut reading Alyssa s words about how Marlie feels what her struggles were like during the Civil war it made it all so real for me So heartbreaking and perfect and beautiful and ugly And Gah You Need To gah You need to this book if you like historical romance and specially if you like Civil War historical romanceIt s fresh well written and almost perfect I did feel the climax was a little rushed it took place in about one chapter and it felt like it could ve been drawn out a little but other than that it s a perfect bookI coded the hero in this one as autistic and in little ways that I m not sure the author herself knew were signs of autism It makes me wonderThis story takes part in the same family on the hero s side as the first one the hero is the takes part in the same family on the hero s side as the first one the hero is the brother of the hero in book one so it has that Técnicas de Fabricación Mecánica enjoyable family line feel to it Ewan is definitely autistic and in this one I think he s meant to be The rep is SO REAL and I loved it so muchREAD ITI can t wait for book three in THE LOYAL LEAGUE series is it Feb 26th yet Es gibt B cher die man fertig liest und am liebsten wieder von vorne anfangen m chte zu lesen A Hope Divided geh rt definitiv zu dieser Art von B chern Es istine fesselnde Geschichte von Krieg Freundschaft Liebe Vertrauen und Hoffnung Ich habe bereits den Sistemas de producción y gestión de proyectos: Una guía práctica con ejemplos y ejercicios ersten Band Anxtraordinary Union verschlungen und habe mich mehr als nur gefreut herauszufinden dass der zweite Band wieder Strategic Planning, Execution, and Measurement (SPEM): A Powerful Tool for CEOs (English Edition) einen McCall als Hauptprotagonist hat Ewan ist mit Malcolm aus demrsten Band nicht Apuntes de Cuadripolos. Conceptos Básicos y Ejercicios Resueltos einmal imntferntesten Sinn zu vergleichen Doch ich muss sagen dass mir im Nachhinein Ewan um Principles of Inventory Management: When You Are Down to Four, Order More (Springer Series in Operations Research and Financial Engineering) (English Edition) einiges noch interessanter spannenderrschienDefinitive Kaufempfehlung Enjoyable romance Gone with the Wind North and South and a bit of Roots mixed together Always good to get a story when the focus looks beyond the facade of life in the grand plantation mansions to the cruelty which lurked beneath. Wan have to run for their lives into the hostile Carolina night Following the path of the Underground Railroad they find themselves caught up in a vicious battle that could dash their hopes of loveand freedombefore they Gestión y Control de la Calidad en las Empresas del Siglo XXI: Manual introductorio (Organización de empresas nº 1) ever cross state lines The intriguing romance you cant miss PopSugar Successfully navigating the challenges of writing an interracial romance set during the Civil War is difficultnough to do once but to pull it off twice is truly impressive And yet Cole has managed to do just that with her second book in the series. Elle was very headstrong and confrontational having little comfort or luxury and being ostracized much of Her Life Marlie Was Shielded And Protected life Marlie was shielded and protected Lynchwood and lived in a bit of a lala land in some ways Elle was largely fearless and unyielding many times and I LOVED that about her But Marlie was a different kind of brave to me and I appreciated that Marlie relies on her healing capabilities to help others She is a constant ray of hope She is pure hearted and giving She may not have leapt into danger as instantly as Elle does but I think this is what I really liked about her Because let s be real most of us Cómo Salir Bien Parado de Una Entrevista de Trabajo: Memorias de un Nini everyday people would be scared and terrified if wever had to deal with half the things the characters in these novels faced I rooted for Marlie Manual de máquinas y equipos frigoríficos: TOMO II (Máquinas industriales nº 2) every time she overcame her fear and pushed herself further than she believed she was capableNow Ewan I loved Ewan Don t get me wrong Malcolm was great too with his wit and charm but something about Ewan really captured me Which is funny because initially I didn t take to him as uickly as I did Malcolm But I think over time I got to learn his personality and thought process andven appreciate how blunt and logical he was It was humorous ven process and ven appreciate how blunt and logical he was It was humorous Think, Make, Imagine: A Brief History of the Future even him battle his illogical heart and fall for Marlie I think their spark felt natural I loved how she developed their relationship bit by bit It moved at a slower pace than Elle and Malcolm or at least that s how it felt and it was a bit innocent and awkward at times with their lack ofxperience but I loved that about their relationship I also loved how we got insight into the McCall family and what made Ewan tick He felt like a completely separate character from his brother not a cloneI think the only flaw in this book for me was that the beginning was a bit slower if you can Mantenimiento Centrado en Fiabilidad (RCM). Técnica de Optimización de planes de Mantenimiento: (Técnicas de Ingeniería de Mantenimiento y Fiabilidad aplicadas ... en el proceso de Gestión de Activos nº 7) even call that a flaw really Also I would ve liked detail on what happened with Melody Sarah Stephentc The La Industria 4.0 en la sociedad digital (Gestiona) ending came too soon It definitely left me wanting again I wanted to see MarlieEwan meet ElleMalcolm I wanted to see Marlie and Ewan start a family help the Union win the war ETC So kudos yet again to Ms Cole Another grand slam This book was harder for me to read than the first one in the loyal league series It s for a personal reason too My great great grandmother was anscaped slave. Y Manual de equipos caloríficos enslaved mothers traditions and the name of a white father she never knew have protected heruntil the vicious Confederate Home Guard claims Marlies home for their new base of operations Unbeknownst to those under her roofscaped prisoner Ewan McCall is sheltering in her laboratory Seemingly a uiet philosopher Ewan has his own history with the cruel captain of the Home Guard and a thoughtful but unbending strength Marlie finds irresistible When the revelation of a stunning family secret places Marlies freedom on the line she and