N and religious persecution that accompanied it as well as the fight for supremacy in the court and kingdom Sansom has written a wonderful historical and crime novel that nonetheless still manages to capture not only the era but Shardlake s personal life and his complex but kind and intelligent character Other characters are also Shardlake s personal life and his complex but kind and intelligent character Other characters are also drawn and we empathise with their efforts and troubles as well as enjoy their triumphs A wonderful secondary narrative about two suabbling and vile siblings is also very well executedI was absorbed in this tale that on occasion made me gasp with horror and genuinely fear for characters Without spoiling the story the last pages of the novel were both an ending and beginning but I sincerely hope we haven t seen the last of Shardlake et The author s notes at the end are also a marvellous read revealing not only Sansom s level of research but his dedication to and passion for crafting a compelling tale Yes it met my expectations I ve enjoyed the entire series I hope there will be books about Shardlake to come I can t wait No time now to write En un par de minutos a leer Perfecto No se puede pedir mas Volver a repetir la experiencia Muy recomendable This sixth book of the Shardlake series is again an engaging book Legislación Mercantil Básica 19ª Edición 2019 (Textos Legales) you cannot stop reading It portrates the last period of Henry VIII and the political intrigues arond him Once again C J Sansom has delivered another brilliant piece of Shardlake s case I have read all his books and it is very difficult to choose the best one Please keep going I am ready for the next one. Himself plunged into crisis at the English CourtSansomrecreates a fascinating era as he carries the reader along with Shardlake on his diligent andperilous uest criss crossing medieval London from the luxury of the royal palaces atWhitehall to the filthy backstreets of the city Daily Mail a dark and atmospheric story Shardlake deserves his wide and rapturous readership Antonia Senior The Times Sansom has an extraordinary gift for atmosphere he immerses the reader in the sights sounds smells and dreadful paranoia of life in the last days of Henry VIII Utterly gripping Marian Keyes Irish Times Books of the Year Chosen as one of Antonia Fraser s Books of the Year Antonia Fraser This the sixth of CJ Sansom s Shardlake novels unsurprisingly went straight to the top of the bestseller list as soon as it was published Such is their reputation Every book is a delight and each one that little bit better than the last Sansom s skill as a writer coupled with his exhaustive research makes readers feel as if they are living in the period he is writing about Hilary Mantel may gobble up the big literary prizes for her explorations of the complex mind of Shardlake s old boss Thomas Cromwell but when it comes to recreating the authentic atmosphere of 500ears ago Sansom wins hands down Nigel Nelson TribuneMatthew Shardlake is back in Lamentation from the number one bestselling author C J SansomSummer 1546 King Henry VIII is slowly painfully dying His Protestant and Catholic councillors are engaged in a final and decisive power struggle whoever wins will control the government of Henry s successor eight ear old Prince Edward As heretics are hunted across London and the radical Protestant Anne Askew is burned at the stake the Catholic party focus their attack on Henry s sixth wife Matthew Shardlake s old mentor ueen Catherine ParrShardlake still haunted by events aboard the warship Mary Rose The Year Rose the ear is working on the Cotterstoke Will case a savage dispute between rival siblings Then unexpectedly he is summoned to Whitehall Palace and asked for "Help By His Old Patron The Now "by his old patron the now and desperate ueenFor Catherine Parr has a secret She has written a confessional book Lamentation of a Sinner so radically Protestant that if it came to the King s attention it could bring both her and her sympathizers crashing down But although the book was kept secret and hidden inside a locked chest in the ueen s private chamber it has inexplicably vanished Only one page has been found clutched in the hand of a murdered London printerShardlake s investigations take him on a trail that begins among the backstreet printshops of London but leads him and Jack Barak into the dark and labyrinthine world of the politics of the royal court a world he had sworn never to enter again Loyalty to the ueen will drive him into a swirl of intrigue inside Whitehall Palace where Catholic enemies and Protestant friends can be eually dangerous and the political opportunists who will follow the wind wherever it blows dangerous than either The theft of ueen Catherine s book proves to be connected to the terrible death of Anne Askew while his involvement with the Cotterstoke litigants threatens to bring Shardlake himself to the stakeThe previous books in the bestselling Shardlake series are Dissolution Dark Fire Sovereign Revelation and Heartstone Continue the gripping historical mysteries with Tomblan.

C J Sansom Ò 7 Review

O win or lose begin to make their move Henry may be dying but he is powerful and vindictive sending friends and foe to the Tower with ease for if there s one thing he can t abide it s those he perceives as disloyal and keeping secrets is among the worst of sinsWhen Protestant ueen Katherine discovers a book she s written called Lamentation and which describes her personal and Protestant religious beliefs has been stolen she is panic stricken Knowing her faith goes against that held by her husband and that there are those on his council plotting her downfall the book could be the exact weapon they need Keeping the book and its theft secret from the king she summons Shardlake to her side and begs his helpUnable to resist his ueen Shardlake knows discovering who has stolen the book will not only be difficult but very very dangerous When bodies start to pile up his greatest fears are realised only the terrible threat to him and those he loves is CREACIÓN DE AUTOESCUELA EN LA ENSEÑANZA DE LA CONDUCCIÓN EN ESPAÑA yet to materialiseThis is a marvellous story that plungesou into late medieval London and doesn t let ou go Sansom takes his time with the story allowing it to time to evolve walking the reader through the familiar and pungent streets of Shardlake s neighbourhood and other parts of London the cloisters of various palaces or taking us on uncomfortable rides Outside The City Walls the city walls feel the hot breath of summer the discomfort of the fabrics as they cling to sweaty limbs the stink of the river and the fear of darkness and those who lurk in the shadows watching and waitingEvoking this period and the terror suspicio. Killed at weaving together the threads of his plot with the real and riveting history Lamentation is a wonderful engaging read The atmosphere of fear and suspicion is brilliantly rendered Shardlake is always convincing and he is endearingly battle scarred and weary from his earlier adventures The real characters are well drawn especially Catherine Parr and the oung Elizabeth who makes a striking cameo appearance Sansom cleverly keeps the king just off stage for most of the novel We can sense him lurking in the shadows a monstrously obese and malevolent presence As the plot draws to a clever and satisfying conclusion Sansom gives us a clue about where the king s death will take Shardlake and it is a spine tingling prospect The Times As always Sansom conjures the atmosphere costumes and smells of Tudor London with vigour from the gilded halls of Whitehall Palace to the dungeons of the Tower once Shardlake finds himself in real jeopardy the novel uickly picks up pace all the way to a shocking climax that promises to mark a new chapter for Shardlake and for England Observer Sansom brilliantly conveys the uncertainty of The Time When A time when a Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology: U.S. Law and Regulation young prince would ascend the throne with different factions fighting for regency Sansom has the gift of plunging us into the different worlds of the period the premises of a strugglingoung printer whose only asset is his press a dangerous possession when this newfangled invention could implicate the printer in treason and heresy There is a sadness about this novel which suggests that Shardlake s own world is breaking up his great companion Barak who provides the physical strength the disabled lawyer lacks gets into fearful straits but it ends on a hopeful note for the many followers of this splendid series which combines the imaginative insights of fiction with scholarly research We see Shardlake carried safely downriver to join the budding court of the Prosperity: Better Business Makes the Greater Good young Elizabeth auguring well for his future Independent So engrossing is the tale that I didn t pause long enough to take a note Even when judged by the high standards of the earlier Shardlake novels this one stands out not least because it successfully maintains suspense for over 600 pages It is a mark of authorial self discipline that Sansom wears his considerable historical research lightly subordinating it to character and action As in the earlier volumes historical figures such as Richard Rich and theoung William Cecil are successfully evoked without typecasting or self indulgence disguised as empathy There are also some memorable minor characters such as the tragic and vexatious litigant Isabel Slanning who contribute to the sinuously unfolding story in often unexpected ways The orchestration of plot over 600 pages and the final twist is literary craft of a high order Historical fiction especially historical crime fiction has often been regarded as a literary branchline interesting and picturesue but not uite the real thing This now is changing and rightly since the ualities reuired to evoke imagined historical worlds are precisely those involved in rendering the present With the Shardlake series and with this volume in particular Sansom has surely established himself as one of the best novelists around Spectator This is a terrific book It is a convincing account of a cruel and fascinating period and a very exciting read Literary Review the Tudor Holmes finds. ,

All the books in the Shardlake series were excellent but this was definitely my favorite So filled with intrigue and mystery from beginning to end and really developed the Shardlake character What was most compelling for me was the author s wonderfully nuanced characterization of King Henry VIII who was a crafty and conniving rogue if there ever was one What a contrast with ueen Catherine The machinations of the Privy Council are reminiscent of political manipulations that go on in today s toxic environment making this book highly relevant Thankfully people are no longer burned at the stake but they re burned in effigy uite regularly Lamentation is a page turning read that uses We own them all now The Matthew Shardlake series of novels about a hunchback lawyer practicing in the time of Henry VIII are simply wonderful and this the sixth in the series does not disappointAfter a horrible and explosive beginning the story unfolds slowly but effortlessly immersing the reader back in not only Henry VIII s final months but also Shardlake s life and law practiceIt s autumn 1546 and King Henry obese and uite disabled is nearing death Aware of this the mercurial king who forced his country from Catholicism and the oke of Rome to Protestantism dissolving the monasteries claiming their vast wealth and punishing those who refused to acknowledge his supremacy over the new church is once again undergoing an existential crisis Vacillating between Popery and Protestantism a struggle based on religious principles begins and those behind the throne with the greatest This gripping new novel by the inventive C J Sansom shows that when it comes to intriguing Tudor based narratives Hilary Mantel has a serious rival Mantel isn t the only novelist to keep the Tudor flag flying in the bestseller lists The first two novels in her Thomas Cromwell trilogy Wolf Hall 2009 and Bring Up the Bodies 2012 have won phenomenal acclaim as well as TWO MAN BOOKER PRIZES BUT YEARS BEFORE SHE BEGAN Man Booker prizes But ears before she began enterprise C J Sansom had embarked on a brilliantly inventive Tudor fiction seuence whose five novels have brought him an enormously enthusiastic and widespread readership too Like Mantel s Sansom s first two novels Dissolution 2003 and Dark Fire 2004 are set during Cromwell s time as Henry VIII s chief minister But in contrast to her mannered approach and enthralled fixation on Cromwell his fiction has a far faster narrative pace and fans out across a much broader field Ingeniously it achieves this by combining a keen scholarly intelligence with the suspense and surprises of the detective genre A Scottish historian who had a career in law before turning to fiction Sansom finds an ideal protagonist in Matthew Shardlake the humane hunchbacked lawyer sleuth in his Tudor novels He also finds the Tudor period intensely congenial to his imagination Atmospheres of oppression and wariness in which careless words or an ill advised allegiance can be fatal engross Sansom Exploring different types of fiction he has published two non Tudor novels Winter in Madrid 2006 a spy story located in the traumatised Spanish capital after the civil war and Dominion 2012 an history set in a 1952 Britain and Dominion 2012 an alternate history set in a 1952 is a dingy satellite of the Third Reich Franco and Hitler loom over terrorised societies in both these books In his Tudor novels Henry VIII does so A 16th century portrait of Catherine Parr Sansom is fascinated by Henry VIII s sixth wife Sansom likes to vary his fiction s forms and the Shardlake novels range from a closed community whodunit in a snowbound monastery Dissolution to the uest for a deadly weapon of war Dark Fire a political thriller Sovereign 2006 a serial killer story Revelation 2008 and a legal thriller Heartstone 2010 What unites them is the havoc wreaked by Henry VIII s brutal ideological vacillations as the nation is ripped apart by sectarian fanaticism and splendours of ecclesiastical architecture are reduced to rubble Partly a detective story as Shardlake solves the how and why of the theft partly a thriller with casualties mounting in the search for the book s whereabouts partly a panoramic re creation of the turbulent London of 1546 from the court s gilded warren of intrigue to publishers makeshift huts in the shadow of St Paul s Lamentation is sure to give Sansom s many fans further cause for jubilation Sunday Times Shardlake s back and better than ever The plot and pacing make this the best Shardlake et it is a vision of how individuals find the moral courage to fight injustice which links the Shardlake novels to Sansom s other fictions Winter in Madrid and Dominion Lamentation like its predecessors is a triumph both as detective fiction and as a novel Sansom s deep feeling for the psychology of religious faith and for the defenceless makes him in my view superior to Hilary Mantel Independent on Sunday Lamentation starts with the burning of heretics and the smell of fear and dissent infuses the whole novel Sansom is highly  Lamentation (The Shardlake Series) (English Edition)