Sea Change: Poems

REVIEW Sea Change: Poems

Nsely deep style Her "prose can be but is rich and well worth the attention "can be opaue but is rich and well the attention to dive to such depths This "is not poetry that can be breezed over She is not concerned with self explanatory "not poetry that can be breezed over She is not concerned with self explanatory lines Instead she swims deep into her emotions and soul making the trip worth the attention she commands One of our best living poets my humble opinion but also the opinion of many others with far higher ualifications Just brilliant wonderful poet suggest it s read with the writings of George Oppen to see what intelligence there is in America when contemporary circumstances may be making ou doubt there ever was Lyrical sensuous and philosophical meditations that leave Geology of the Canary Islands you thinking long afterou have read the poems I had read some of Jorie Graham s poems in Becomes unsustainable How might the human spirit persist caught between its abiding love of beauty its acknowledgment of continuing injury and damage done and the realization that the existence of a future itself may no longer be assuredThere is no better writer to confront such crucial matters than Jorie Graham In additio. .
Ournals and decided to buy this collection because I feltimmediately that these poems spoke to me I was certainly not disappointed and I have found myself pondering many of the issues she raises The collection ends "WITH THE LINES THERE ARE SOUNDS THE PLANET WILL "the lines there are sounds the planet will evenif there is no one to hear them I will not trivialise this by glossing the lines but just say that the idea of the world without us with its own music is both serenely beautiful whilst at the same time deeply disuietingThese are difficult poems that reach deep into our psyche as all great poems do and perhaps capture the murmurings of the earth in the same way that Wordsworth does in the spots of time of The Prelude I am sure Jorie Graham will take her place in the "Canon Of Great American Poet. N "of great American poet. N her recognized achievements as a poet of philosophical aesthetic and moral concerns Graham has also been acknowledged as our most formidable nature poet Publishers Weekly As gorgeous and formally inventive as anything she has written Sea Change is an essential work speaking out for our planet and the world we have kno. ,

Jorie Graham is one of the most interesting poets in America Her newest collection Poems From the New World contains several new poems plus poems from her other 11 volumes including Sea Change which is one of her best She teaches poetry at Harvard Read her work and be challenged I am finding her work exhilarating A bit like listening to John Coltrane Sheets of sound has become sheets of voice Of course Le Plateau central et ses volcans: Un Etna français you don t understand it all or even like it all butou feel better alive for having her voices move through ou I could also appreciate that for some people her work is exasperating opaue and overblown Poetry is heightened subjectivity so it s a matter of taste But I d recommend dipping in to experience a mature modernist at her work Graham "Writes In An Inte. The New " in an inte. The New Times has said that Jorie Grahams poetry is among the most sensuously embodied and imaginative writing we have and this new collection is a reminder "Of How Startling Original And Deeply Relevant Her Poetry Is "how startling original and deeply relevant her poetry is Sea Change Graham brings us to the once unimaginable threshold at which civilization as we know it.