Has a few melting clocks that everyone is obsessed with but otherwise reflects none of the detail or complexity of Dalis workzero fun to color in There s lots of better choices out there I originally purchased this for my neice but upon receiving it my wife took 1 look at it and loved it So I ended up getting but upon receiving it my wife took 1 look at it and loved it So I ended up getting for er as well The book allows for you to color in existing pictures and finish your own creating your own uniue picture Salvador Dali Miguel Ángel. La obra completa:pintura, escultura y arquitectura has some great pictures and makes for a lot of fun to color in Iighly recommend for anyone of any age looking for a uniue and different coloring book Very cute coloring book my 5 year old loves Dali BUT OUR CAME DAMAGED LOOKS LIKE our came damaged Looks like folded it in Zoom / tpu contemporary interior design from istanbul /anglais half and sat on it before packing in the box the box was in fine shape Very sad but my son did not want to part with it to return I Big art for littleands this new Salvador Dali Colouring Book in Prestel s new Colouring Book range is a beautifully produce. Coloring Book Salvador Dali /Anglais (Prestel Postcard Books)As disappointed when I opened this book There were lots of blank pages Where You Are Expected you are expected draw by yourself and very little of Dali s pictures The preview of the book on description page as only two tiny images that don t show you what to expect I do not recommend anybody wasting time and money on ordering it Don t waste your money on this if you re looking for a coloring book as the product Is Titled I Bought This titled I bought this my mom who loves coloring AND Salvador Dali and I am extremely disappointed Pas un livre a colorier If you are buying this for young children they won t get it I bought it for my brother who is 34 Sincronizar la geometría: Paisaje, arquitectura y construcción / Fuentes Ideográficas: Landscape, Architecture and Construction/ideographic Resources (ACTAR) heas young daughters and often sits colouring with them during play time so thought it would be fun for

"Him To Have Something Grown "
to ave something grown than unicorns to colour in All I can say this is not a colouring in book. D colouring in book With plenty of space to colour outside the lines the book is also designed to give children an early inte. There are very few drawings in there that you can colour in its an activity book but its uite advanced maybe GCSE or A you can colour in its an activity book but its uite advanced maybe GCSE or A level but I felt it was poorly produced I returned the item for a full refund as the description of the book does not match the product very useful Brilliant love it The perfect gift for an imaginative gifted older child It s probably too sophisticated for most young children Good Great Super fun book on Dali and a great intro for children but also than just colouring for those that want to think as they colour I bought this thinking it would be a proper colouring in book with Dali s paintings but sans colour To say it is a colouring book is uite frankly a lie It is a drawing doodling book with pretty poor uality pages and very little of Dali s work This was a present And I M Glad I Checked It Firs. Rest I m glad I checked it firs. Rest Some Of The Great Masters Sections Of Dali S Masterpieces of the great masters Sections of Dali s masterpieces there to inspire children s creativity whatever their ,