This volume presents two of the earliest pieces of Middle Cornish literature The first The Charter Fragment is concerned with the of marriage It is 41 lines in length with the of marriage It is only 41 lines in length was part of a play The second Pascon agan Arluth The Passion of our Lord is a magnificen. The Charter Fragment and Pascon agan Arluth (1) (Corpus Textuum Cornicorum) (Cornish Edition)Are accompanied by a diplomatic transcription for the first time the text in its original orthography AS WELL AS A NEW TRANSLATION BASED ON well as a new English translation based on manuscript text Each volume contains a literary INTRODUCTION DESCRIBING THE CONTENT AND ITS CORNISH AND EUROPEAN describing the content and its Cornish and European

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T poem of 259 stanzas composed c 1375 which deals with the Passion Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ Corpus #TEXTUUM CORNICORUM IS A SERIES EDITIONS OF ALL # Cornicorum is a series presenting editions of all traditional Cornish literature The Cornish Texts Are texts are in a normalized Standard Cornish spelling and.
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