Zie gave this book to my GRANDFATHER BOBBY JONES WHEN WAS Bobby Jones when it was It formed the basis of long conversations they had that led to the of Augusta National Still very readable today A very good and interesting read of how the architecture of golf courses basically started I need 5 words Nice condition Very interesting read Every golfer should pay attention to and learn a little about golf course architectu. Enting pursuit of perfectionInside this classic of golf literature MacKenzie details the ssential features of an ideal golf course and provides insight on the proper methods of greenkeeping and design Along with his first hand narrative and an introduction by HS Colt twenty two of MacKenzie S ORIGINAL PHOTOS AND SKETCHES HAVE BEEN INCLUDED ENSURING. original photos and sketches have been included nsuring. .

Excellent history of golf COURSE DESIGN A 100 YEARS AGO design a 100 years ago maybe the best sets out his logic his courses still play great today just finished at pasatiempo and cypress tow of his most famous and best and then there is augusta as well asy read for father s day Very interesting info about historical perspective on course design and how it should impact player strategy Good book as a study of Alister McKenzie Macken. In Golf Architecture famed architect Dr Alister MacKenzie details the strict methods and philosophies that led him to design such world renowned masterpieces as Augusta National Cypress Point and Royal Melbourne Written in during the height of his career Golf Architecture provides rare insight into Dr MacKenzie s timeless design strategies and unrel. Re and design Fascinating approach to great golf course design The thirteen principles of the author are the prism through which many great courses such as Alwoodley Augusta and Royal Melbourne have been designed we have a Mackenzie designed course and when you read this book you understand how he went about things and the logic to his principals All golf course architects should study this as it makes a lot of sens. That El mosquito everylement of the first dition has been carefully preserved Golf Architecture includes Characteristics of a Golf Architect Psychology of Design Deciding Where to Build The Design Process Utilizing Features The Importance of Beauty The Object of Hazards and Greenkeeping The of Beauty The Object of Hazards Greens and Greenkeeping Construction Process The Future of Golf Architecture.

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Golf Architecture: Economy in Course Construction and Green-Keeping
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