In its entirety in just on evening She found it interesting enough but would ave really liked a in depth look at each subject The stories and small facts presented are uite basic and you will be Derek Jeter's Ultimate Baseball Guide 2015 (Jeter Publishing) hard pressed to find an older child who is not already aware of the information provided in this book I still feel it would make a fabulous addition to a child some or classroom library It s just suitable for younger kiddos maybe in the 4 8 age range Unfortunately sent me the wrong book Kid Scientists instead of Kid ActivistsSecretly I m glad I received the scientists book as the topic interests me Here s my assessment Book is set up in 4 themes Astronomy Plant and Animal lovers Invisible Forces and DIY Within each theme are 4 biographies of people related to each topic The featured Hank Aaron: Brave in Every Way historical figures offer a balanced range of men and women But I think they couldave a better diversity of races Each page is about 1 3 illustration and 2 3 text Good size for travel I tend to like these kind of informative kid books since they are like magazine reads but still offer valuable information in an enjoyable presentation This is a uniue perspective for a book about superstars I like Joltin' Joe DiMaggio how the stories revolve around the process behindow each person became who they are and less about their adult achievements It s a great way to encourage young readers to explore their interests in childhood problem solve and find ways to achieve their goals "despite obstacles they may encounter I read this to my 3 year oldshe does great with picture books but I "obstacles they may encounter I read this to my 3 year oldshe does great with picture books but I concerned this might be too Who Is Derek Jeter? heavy a read forer especially since the illustrations are minimal and there s a significant amount of copy to read before turning the page I was pleased to see We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball (Coretta Scott King Author Award Winner) her sit through the stories While I m sure most of it went overer Pro Baseball Records: A Guide for Every Fan (The Ultimate Guides to Pro Sports Records) head there s so much forer to absorb from this series the stories of the people the vocabulary and the playfulness of the illustrationsInteresting read I My Little Golden Book About Jackie Robinson hope to get of the series Well written informative Great read for my third grader My kid 9 year old really liked this book and I did too Inspiring accessible reading level and a great mix of people profiled some we deard of and some we learned about for the first time A must ave for kids It s a lovely book with inspiring stories about amazing people who fought and are still fighting for social justice and to make the world a better plac. Ames Baldwin Nelson Mandela Emma Watson Janet Mock Helen Keller Alexander Hamilton Ruby Bridges Ibal Masih Malala Yousafzai and Autumn Peltier through kid friendly text and full color cartoon illustrations on nearly every pa. Great book to elp introduce some non fiction to children My 6 year old is particularly interested in these types of books lately "And Each Story Is Short "each story is short to capture Best Mlb Hitters of All Time (Major League Baseball’s Best Ever) his attention without overwhelmingim It s a great introduction to real life legends This is well written and my 8 year old is already reaping the benefits They are great short stories of people that everyone should know about There are nice drawings in the book to keep the kids engaged The stories are short and get to the eart of the story I am enjoying reading this with my son and think you will too This is a really cute book with lots of great information in it It s age appropriate for my 9 year old and my 7 year old It would also be great to read to a younger child and provide some basic information to older children I m going to check out some of the other books in this series so that my children can continue to Learn About Scientists Artists And about scientists artists and book is a beautiful introduction into the lives of eroes of social change I would recommend it for any elementary school children The stories are not incredibly long and detailed but will keep the attention of any child and First Pitch (Game Day: Ready to Read, Level 2) have them begin to dream about ways they may be able to make the world a better place I found this book to be interesting The kids liked learning about these kid legends I felt that it was easy to read Itad a lot of nice points that were very useful They found it motivationalThe kids really enjoyed itI felt that it was well written It was easy to read and follow around I think a lot of people would find it easy to read It was a decent length and Baseball's Greatest Hitters (Step into Reading, Step 5) had a lot of content A book geared towards the middle grades where kids get to read about kids Amazing kids who ve done amazing things Twelve inspiring stories of young kids who made a difference These young activists include Martin Luther King Jr Susan B Anthony Helen Keller Malala Yousafzai and 12 other inspiring activistsA great book filled with great stories ones that will encourage your young reader to dream This is a terrific book and is a welcome addition to the normal kids books weave at My First Book of Baseball: A Rookie Book (a Sports Illustrated Kids Book) home The stories are very easy to read and it s entertaining for both my 5 and 3 year old There is a good range of photos and things to look at while I m reading to them toelp keep them interested as well I like the inclusion of activities and the various backgrounds of each activist I ig. Every activist started out as a kid and in some cases were kids when they began their activism Before they became champions of African American women s LGBT disablity education labor and civil rights the world s most celebra. Hly recommend it to parents looking to switch things up with some informative but fun reading material for their kids What a lovely series Kid Activists is the first one that I ve seen from the series and I ll be buying for my eager reader nephew The individual stories are readable and age appropriate and I like balance between text and illustration This gives it a slight magazine feel but it s great for an easy bedtime "read There is a nice range of activists included in the book and I like the diversity of activists who are "There is a nice range of activists included in the book and I like the diversity of activists who are It s nice to ave inspiring non fiction for young readers Kid Activists tells a short biography of activists intended in my opinion to be read aloud to little kids Each begins with the person as a child and attempts to draw in the child by making a personal connection they were little like me too once These biographies are appropriate content for elementary grade children and seek to inspire children and inform them about activists There are others in the series one I ave read is Kid Scientists I recommend this for elementary grade children It is too simplistic for typical middle schoolers who are my students This could be used by English Language Learners The illustrations are geared toward the youngest set Rating 4 stars Like It I found this to be a really fascinating book If you

a parent you ll appreciate about ow all of these important people got their start The book seems marketed though for kids themselves Best audience is probably upper elementary You need to know the famous people in the book and what they did as adults to appreciate their childhood stories In other words the book doesn t tell you what the famous people did later in life The book assumes you already know Consider it a companion book to some biographies you already The Lucky Baseball Bat: 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition (Matt Christopher Sports Fiction) have My 9 year old enjoyed reading the antics of the various famous people emphasis on antics because that s definitely a focus but she also really enjoyed making connections between what the person did as a child and who they became later Makes for really great dinner table or car trip conversations aboutow what you do or try now might impact you later in life I ordered this for my 11 year old daughter My CAL RIPKEN JRS ALL-STARS SQUEE hope was that it would spikeer curiosity of activism and possibly plant seeds of ideas regarding DK Eyewitness Books: Baseball: Discover the History, Heroes, Gear, and Games of America's National Pastime [With CDROM] her place in our family community and in the world I think I overshot a bit She read the book. Ted activistsad regular kid problems just like you Kid Activists tells the stories of a diverse and inclusive group including Frederick Douglass Susan B Anthony Harvey Milk Dolores Huerta Rosa Parks Martin Luther King Jr .
Kid Activists: True Tales of Childhood from Champions of Change (Kid Legends)