The Yellow WallpaperUncomfortable to see how her mental state begins to derail and shatter and as each hour *and day assesbr br One of the most chilling and effective aspects to this *day Makam: Modal Practice In Turkish Art Music passesbr br One of most chilling and effective aspects to this story simply hearing everything from the woman soint of view We get hints of the true status of her and her husband s relationship and his lack of concern for her and well as the troubling and suffocating feeling of her mental state This is a story that speaks strongly for those who have depression as well as making a statement for woman s rights Definitely a somber unsettling story to read but one that will make one think and definitely encourage discussion about its major themesbr br This story will make you feel uncomfortable and ill at ease as you read and I m sure that was what Gilman was intending I originally read this story back in high school I had this uber feminist English teacher who had us reading everything from The Awakening to The Handmaid s Tale I was way closed minded and stubborn back then ok I m still really stubborn and definitely did not share in her feministic views However somehow this short story always stayed with Nal Title Uot. Nal title uot. Originally ublished in 1892 this new edition approx 29 ages differs from the original in that it s a continual first erson narrative no obvious breaks rather than a collection from the original in that it s a continual first The Dastgah Concept in Persian Music Paperback (Cambridge Studies in Ethnomusicology) person narrative no obvious breaks rather than a collection separate journal entries It reads well in fact it s easier to read in this format but if you re studying you might do better with a copy of the originalbr br The Yellow Wallpaper is the tale of an anonymous Victorian woman living in a type of confinement in the attic of a rather grand mansion in the country We learn the woman has recently given birth and her husband John ahysician seems to love his wife and child but is worried about the state of her mindbr br John is trying to do the right thing for his wife but is completely misguided due to the era and general attitude towards female mental and hysical healthbr br His cure is to deny his wife any type of mental stimulation She must be uiet and left to rest as much as ossible With nothing to distract her mind the woman falls into a type of insanity in which The Yellow Wallpaper in the attic becomes an obsession She begins to hallucinate and to visualize characters escaping th. The Yellow Wa. Eir imprisonment from behind the eerie yellow aper One of those characters is herbr br Sad oignant and relevant in this modern day and age while considering the health of women suffering ostnatalpostpartum depression Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a leading female activist and voice in the woman s movement in the early ortions of the 20th century The Yellow Wallpaper is her short work that depicts one woman s fight against the rest cure she is ordered to "follow to cure her depressionbr br I thought it was a good time "to cure her depressionbr br I thought it was a good time talk so I told him I was not gaining here and that I wished he would take me away br br Her husband John has secluded her in a room to help her condition and her nervousness at this situation has exacted a heavy toll on her syche and mental wellbeing As Félix Casaverde, guitarra negra: Identidad y relaciones de poder en la música de la costa del Perú part of her narrative and describing her condition and descent into the brink of madness she becomes obsessed and fixated on the yellow wallaper in The Room She Resides In Various Freedoms Are Stripped From room she resides in Various freedoms are stripped from she hides her writings from her husband because he forbids it She unfolds all details to us as she stays in the room and it is uite. Llpaper origi. ,