To help readers to understand the process of developing powder based materials and their uniue ualitiesRonald Rael and Virginia San Fratello are professors at University

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California Berkeley San Jose State University respectively Their firm Emerging Objects has BEEN INSTRUMENTAL IN DEVELOPING NEW MATERIALS FOR BASED instrumental n developing new materials for powder based printing Rael s author of Earth Architecture and Borderwall as Architectur. .

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possibilities greater What's In The Witch's Kitchen? in the field of design and modular architecture Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello of the cutting edge San Francisco based design firm Emerging Objects have developed remarkable techniues for printing from a wide variety of powdersncluding sawdust clay cement Ubber concrete salt and even Coffee Grounds Opening An grounds opening an realm of material phenomenological and ecological possibilities to designers In addition to case studies and llustrations of their own work Rael and San fratello offer guidance for sourcing alternative materials specific offer guidance for sourcing alternative materials specific for mixing compounds and step by step nstructions for conducting bench tests and setting parameters for material testing.