Grief Lessons: Four Plays by Euripides (New York Review Books (Paperback))

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Hom tragedy was not so exceptional as *exceptional as plays rarely won first prize In The Great Democratic Competitions the great democratic competitions ancient Athens but their combustible mixture of realism and extremism fascinated audiences throughout the Greek world In the last days of the Peloponnesian War Athenian prisoners held captive in far off Sicily were said to have won their freedom by reciting snatches of Euripides latest tragediesFour of those tragedies are presented here in new translations by the contemporary poet and classici. St Anne Carson They are Herakles In Which The in which the hero home to destroy his own family Hekabe set after the Trojan War in which widow takes vengeance on her Greek captors Hippolytos about love and the horror of love and the strange tragic comedy fable Alkestis Which Tells Of A Husband Who Arranges For His which tells of a husband who arranges for his to die in his place The volume also contains brief introductions by Carson to each of the plays along with two remarkable framing essays Tragedy A Curious Art Form and Why I Wrote Two Plays About Phaidra. Now in paperbackEuripides the last of the three great tragedians of ancient Athens reached the height of his renown during the disastrous Peloponnesian War when democratic Athens was brought down by its own outsized ambitions Euripides the classicist Bernard Knox has written was born never to live in peace with himself and to prevent the rest of mankind from doing so His plays were shockers he with himself and to prevent the rest of mankind from doing so His plays were shockers he heroes revealing them as foolish and savage and he so His plays were shockers He Heroes Revealing Them heroes revealing them foolish and savage and he about the powerlesswomen and children slaves and barbariansfor