Dunkirk author Julian ThompsonLlies This book is absolutely excellent and well written if you want a detailed history of the BEF s war in Europe p to and including the evacuation though Dunkirk The political

of the campaign are very covered as are the heroic fights for Boulogne and Calais Despite the generally poor performance of the French army and its leaders high praise is given where it is deserved I can see though that the detailed analysis of the fighting by individual brigades battalions and even companies Of The British Army the British army soon become boring if the reader only wanted an outline to help explain what was going on in the filmThe only major weakness as far as I am concerned is the almost total lack of deta. Man army the small British Expeditionary Force was ill euipped and nder trained When Hitler attacked on 10 May 1940 and the French and Belgian armies collapsed in the face of Germany's swift and brutal advance the British soldiers found themselves in mortal dangerIn Dunkirk Retreat to Victory Major General Julian Thompson "recreates the action as the British fought hard for three desperate weeks. " the action as the British fought hard for three desperate weeks.

summary Dunkirk author Julian Thompson

Until I read this book I had no idea of the sacrifices made by members of the British army in this futile adventureThey are all hero s in my opinion I cannot believe that we put our trust in the French staff officers Good book a revelation Enjoy the film but read the reality with this outstanding book With the crystal clear mind of our last military commander to win an outright victory with the outstandingly successful campaign to repossess the Falklands Julian Thompson succinctly describes the Strategic Background Of The background of the campaign together with the day to day reality of a desperate rear guard action fought with incredible fortitude against the rampant German Panzer divisions and the chaos of our A masterly work of military history Dunkirk Retreat to Victory is also a Tribute To The Soldiers Whose Courage And to the soldiers whose courage and belief sustained them through their darkest hoursThe evacuation of British forces from Dunkirk is one of the pivotal moments in the Second World War – an astonishing endeavour that snatched victory from the jaws of defeat Sent to help the Belgians and French hold back the Ger. Il about the Royal Navy s enormous contribution to THE SUCCESSFUL EVACUATION ON ONE OCCASION SIX DESTROYERS TOOK successful evacuation on one occasion six destroyers took off the mole during the day Which six destroyers And how about a list of RN warship losses during the evacuationOn a lesser level it is not true that every one of the RA s guns had an effective tractor at least one nit the ad hoc A regiment RA known as Burns s Tigers had to rope their sightless 1825 pounders onto commandeered civilian transport before engaging enemy armour at point blank range see the RA Commemorative BookMy knowledge of the campaign based mostly on my father s detailed notes as a RA battery commander has certainly been enhanced Julian Thompsons first class treatment. Conducting a successful fighting withdrawal in the face of a formidable foe He describes the individual acts of bravery and sacrifice and analyses the decisions of the commanders who made the choice to evacuate He also takes s to Dunkirk harbour and onto the beaches where the British army was trapped and nder attack while the Royal Navy and the 'little and nder attack while the Royal Navy and the 'little raced against time to rescue them. ,