Rse and the bond between child and woman is really very well xpressed throughout particularly in comparison to the far weaker connection between biological mother and daughterSome aspects of this are really well done and work all the better for the simplicity of the writing style and the dialogue the childhood aspects of Lisbeth and Samuel growing up worlds apart yet a stones throw away is striking The wrenching hurt of Mattie being forced from her son to look after this strange white babe and the growing affection she finds herself xperiencing regardless really tweak at the heartstrings The Use Of Time use of time allowing characters to grow and change in the background is well done and only occasionally confusing when the skip drops you in somewhere unanticipatedAnd yet in other ways the simplicity of this novel lets it down as it doesn t really manage to capture the brutality of the slave trade Bad things often happen off page on another slave plantation further south The Underground Railroad is certainly mentioned and yet somehow the novel seems to have made the process of scaping almost monotonous and without a significant amount of danger It s as though the terror and the tension have been bleached away leaving a softer and gentle view through the rose tinted spectacles of history It would have been interesting to have a little detail a little history and political interest hidden within the pages particularly when this is Guía Cordobesa en Madrid (B/N): Conoce todos los rincones cordobeses de la capital de España even hinted at over dinner conversations that Lisbeth pays little attention toInjoyed the book that is certainly true But part of me feels that this is the kind of book that I shouldn t have been able to njoy at least not fully It should be a book That Leaves Me With leaves me with disconcerted dge in my stomach a book that should disturb me through the harsh realities it describes And I didn t really get that here If anything it s a book aiming for the happy Breve historia del mundo ever after but slavery never came with a happilyver. Ife of privilege she finds nothing but loneliness in the company of her overwhelmed mother and her distant slave owning father As she grows older Mattie becomeslike family to Lisbeth than her own kin and the girl’s visits to the slaves’ uarters and their lively and loving community bring them closer toget. I have always njoyed reading books about slavery Although njoy

probably the wrong word I then with fascinaton and awe The lives these people had to lead just to survive Yellow crocus held me transfixed rapidly turning the pages to see what would taken next All in all a well written heart warming story that left me motionally spent feeling great compassion for both M This is a sweet if predictable story It started off really well with powerful first person narration from the This is a sweet if predictable story It started off really well with powerful first person narration from the woman Mattie but it seemed that the author lost confidence as she went on and the writing became less convincing the characterisation sketchy and the story LACKED DEPTH AND TEXTURE THIS WAS A PITY AS depth and texture This was a pity as potential was for a tale of great breadth and scope Still it was a first novel so perhaps the author will fulfill the arly promise in this book with her next offering This is a story about a white girl Lisbeth and her wet nurse Mattie who is a slave It follows the the two characters as the relationship between them deepens and grows Mattie is torn away from her new born baby boy to wet nurse the newly born LisbethI have to say I loved this book and yet it tears at the heart on so many levels My Breve historia de la Tierra (con nosotros dentro) (Booket Ciencia) emotions were up and down as I read it It s written during the time of slavery a time of cruelty It s hard to believe how cruel people can be It is so truemans inhumanity to man knows no boundsIt s hard to know how to review this book as I confess I got caught up in itmotionallyThat aside it is very well written and a story that will remain with me for some time to come Yellow Crocus is a relatively slow moving book that draws you in with its powerful simplicity detailing the striking differences between a life of slavery and the life of the rich white masters Split between the perspectives of Lisbeth the daughter of the household and Mattie her black wet nurse Mattie s son is only a few months old when she is brought into the house as the wet nu. Moments after Lisbeth is born she’s taken from her mother and handed over to an nslaved wet nurse Mattie a young mother separated from her own infant son in order to care for her tiny charge Thus begins an intense relationship that will shape both of their lives for decades to come Though Lisbeth leads a

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After For the majority it came with a short life of servitude and back breaking work for others the brands of a troublemaker when they were caught running of servitude and back breaking work for others the brands of *a troublemaker when they were caught running still *troublemaker when they were caught running still lash the whip the Belt That Harshness Isn T Truly Represented That harshness isn t truly represented and Lisbeth is therefore growing up in an nvironment where she has never been shown the darker aspects of the trade her family depends onIt s almost a romanticised fluffy version of slavery given to you in bite sized chunks rather than subjecting you to the realities of the time Whilst that makes it an The Geography of Genius: A Search for the World's Most Creative Places from Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley [Idioma Inglés] easier read I don t think it makes it a better one I think it hides behind the fluff in order to avoid some aspects that really ought to have beenxpanded on I can see it being an introductory historical tale for the younger teenage audience but it just didn t uite have the grit that I would have The Songs Of Trees expected from a novel depicting this time period I was curious about this book from the photo on the cover That it turned out to be about Mammies during the height of America s slavery was a surprise I really couldn t put it down I was so curious to see the outcome of the relationship between Lizbeth and Mattie The book is beautifully written I felt I was there with Mattie as she looked from her window off Lizbeth s bedroom and feel her heart pulling for her own child and her longing to be with her loved ones My heart was in my mouth at times with the tension of Mattie sscape attempt and when she was kept at a neighbouring plantation for uestioning I felt for Lizbeth too as she alone seemed to have any kind of compassion for the slaves I was tempted several times to page forward to see the outcome but felt I owed it to the author to stay with the story as it went along La historia The Silk Roads: A New History of the World - Illustrated Edition es muy bonita se lee muy bien los personajes tenvuelvenNo Planeta Tierra (Nórdica Cómic) es una obra maestra peros un libro muy bonito A sad but La corriente de El Niño y el destino de las civilizaciones: Inundaciones, hambrunas y emperadores (Extensión Científica) engaging storyjust not longnoughwould like to have read a lot about Mattie s later lifeand her struggles. Her than The Americas: A Hemispheric History (Modern Library Chronicles Series Book 13) (English Edition) ever But can two women in such disparate circumstances form a bond like theirs without conseuence This deeply moving tale of unlikely love traces the journey of these very different women asach searches for freedom and dignityRevised Blooming Flowers: A Seasonal History of Plants and People edition Thisdition of Yellow Crocus includes ditorial revision. ,
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