Nk of Bolshoi Ballet tendered by the Artistic Director who would later be the victim of a vicious acid attack Then as Hallberg performed throughout the world at the peak of his abilities Then as Hallberg performed the world at the peak of his abilities suffered a crippling ankle injury and botched surgery leading to an agonizing retreat from ballet and an honest reexamination of his ntire life Combining his powers of observation and memory with motional honesty and artistic insight Hallberg has written a great ballet memoir "And An Intimate Portrait Of "an intimate portrait of artist in all his vulnerability passion and wisdom Candid and ngrossing The Washington Post A Body of Work is a memoir for veryone with a heart DC Metro Theater Arts. ,

David Hallberg the first American to join the famed Bolshoi Ballet As A Principal Ballet as a principal and the dazzling artist The New Yorker described as the most xciting male dancer in the western world presents a look at his artistic life up to the moment he returns to the stage after a devastating injury that almost cost him his career Beginning with his real life Billy Elliot childhood an all American story marred by intense bullying and culminating in his hard won comeback Hallberg s moving and intelligent Daniel Mendelsohn memoir dives deep into life as an artist as he wrestles with go pushes the limits "Of His Body And Searches "his body and searches cstatic perfection and fulfillm. Ent as one of the world s most acclaimed ballet dancers Rich in detail ballet fans will adore Hallberg presents an unsparinginside look The New York Times and also reflects on universal and relatable themes like inspiration self doubt and perfectionism he takes you into daily classes rigorous rehearsals and triumphant searching for new interpretations of ballet s greatest roles He reveals the loneliness he felt as a teenager leaving America to join the Paris Opera Ballet School the ambition he had to tame as a new member of American Ballet Theatre and the reasons behind his headline grabbing decision to be the first American to join the top ra. ,

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A Body of Work: Dancing to the Edge and Back