Udent this is brilliant and a for all arthur miller fans *It Includes All Of *includes all of major and well known plays which are all fantastic the book is lovely too with a beautiful picture and cover i am very happy with it Good product good time delivery It is a vey good value book of 3 plays And even better thanks to a most interesting uite lengthy Forward by Arthur Millar himself Delivery was excellen. E a parable of the witch hunting practises of a government rooting out Communists A View from the Bridge concerns the lives of longshoremen in the Brooklyn waterfront and has remained one of Miller s most produced plays A Memory of Two Mondays a one act play was written as a companion piece to A View from the Bridge The greatest American dramatist of our age Evening Standar. Hich is still interesting every play in this set is a major masterpiece Death of a Salesman is regarded by many as the greatest American play ever but the other 3 full length plays aren t so very far behind There is also an excellent 50 page introduction by Miller himself This was the collection that made me fall in love with Miller s writing Great playwright perfect present A must for any drama st. K Times the theatre has acuired a genuine new talent This hit was followed by an even greater play Death of a Salesman A great play of our *Day Wrote The New York Wrote The New York The New York Tribune And The Play Has Gone On New York Tribune and the play has gone on become the classic American tragedy of Willy Loman a salesman who becomes disillusioned with the American dream The Crucible was produced during the McCarthy era and becam. ,

The book had too many written notes on the text They were in ball pointso couldn t be erasedThis applies to Death of a Salesman as described Only read The Crucible so far after seeing it on stage at the Old Vic Excellent Wonderful And better for the introduction by Miller himself As advertised This set contains all Miller s truly great plays Opinions vary but apart from A Memory of Two Mondays Reissued with a new acket to mark the publication *of the sixth and final collection of Miller s plays this volume contains four of the most important and famous plays *the sixth and final collection of Miller s plays this volume contains four of the most important and famous plays the American theatre All five plays were written by Arthur Miller within a ten year period which began with his first Broadway hit in With the production of All My Sons wrote Brooks Atkinson in the New Yor. ,
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