This book is so funny I have read books like this that make me head into the adventure and make me feel like I am with them in school but this book was one of the best I have read so far I would recommend this book for 8 as some people might not get some of the jokes I hope you all enjoy reading this book and I hope my review has told you all that you need to now about this book so enjoy readingElla Beddoesage 10 este li bro es muy chulo y yo me he leido el 67y8 en papel pero como he visto esto de los comentarios como he visto esto de los comentarios ha encantado para los nios estos libtos son geniales y no lo dudes ue marcus es un nio muy malo Lectura f cil y divertida en ingl s Los ni os lo devoran sin darse cuenta Siempre esperando impacientes el siguiente Un acierto All of the Tom Gates stories are brilliant I have brought them for presents and for my 10yr old daughter All children that get these seem to love them They are great stories with pictures in the writing So for example instead of. The sixth book in the bestselling series from the brilliantly talented Liz Pichon It s really cold outside and we re all hoping it s going to snow Yeah Derek and I could make a snow Rooster and have a snowball Tom Gates 6. Extra Special Treats (Not)

Liz Pichon î 5 characters

Over on people who are supposed to be his friends like Gregg and he isn t mean like Gregg The humour in Tom Gates is uite gentle and silly and inclusive where Gregg is rather a manipulative horrible character who enjoys The Misery Of Other PeopleI Always Try misery of other peopleI always try steer children towards reading Tom Gates as an alternative a welcome alternative to Wimpy Kid This latest volume is exactly like all the books that went before it and none the worse for it Tom and his friends enjoy the snow and Tom tries to become a star pupil in class At home his family are gearing up to celebrate his grandparents fiftieth wedding anniversary and Tom and his band continue to fail to get a gig and Tom and his band continue to fail to get a gig my children read and enjoyed this book over the christmas holiday as did I and it is another book that will be in high demand in our school library when we go back in January A mi hija de 10 a os le encanta esta colecci n de libros aprenden con facilidad nuevas palabras y es divertidoEsta genial. Amazing sense of humour The Brilliant World of Tom Gates was the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize Perfect gifts for boys girls who love to laugh themselves silly this updated edition comes with trading card. Saying I walked the dog it would say I walked the picture of dog This makes the books so accessible for children who struggle to read and helps with their confidence with reading as they are standard sized books but easier to read than lots of words Although they look very grown up and the stories are fabulous Why does Marcus actually always have to be the enemy Why not have a fight and make it interesting I always feel rather hypocritical when I read Tom Gates and enjoy it There are lots of reasons why Tom Gates which I like is similar to Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney which I don t like The plots are very thin the text is sparse and the illustrations dominate the books meaning that you get a couple of hours #Reading Out Of Either Book At Most # out of either book at most you re done with themWhere Tom Gates differs from Wimpy Kid however is that Tom is actually a rather nice character unlike Greg Heffley in Wimpy Kid Tom has his enemies of course but he doesn t try to mercilessly get one. Ight look out Delia Granny Mavis has started to nit me a new winter jumper but by the looks of things I m not sure it s going to fit ABOUT THE SERIES Written in diary form Full of Tom s doodles to fit ABOUT THE SERIES Written in diary form Full of Tom s doodles pictures his.
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