Levels and give kids books to bond over I CAN T PRAISE THESE BOOKS HIGHLY ENOUGH IF YOU t praise these books highly enough if you the other books in the series you ll love this one and if you haven t read one yet give it a go you won t be isappointed It oesn t really matter what order you read them in but if you haven t already started reading the series the order they were published isThe Brilliant World of Tom GatesExcellent Excuses And Other Good StuffEverything s Amazing sort ofGenius Ideas MostlyTom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic at some thingsBest Book Day Ever so farExtra Special Treats notA Tiny Bit LuckyYes No MaybeTop of the Class NearlyTom Gates Super Good Skills AlmostDogZombies Rule for Now es un libro muy entretenido para ni os e 8 12 a os las letras soln buenas y breves tambien es The Gurdjieff Movements: A Communication of Ancient Wisdom (English Edition) divertido El libro esta en muy buen estado Casi nuevo Se nota ese segunda mano p la portada esta un poco Performing the Arts of Indonesia: Malay Identity and Politics in the Music, Dance and Theatre of the Riau Islands (NIAS Studies in Asian Topics) descolorida Es la primera vez ue mi hijoice ue ha Unwritten Literature of Hawaii: The Sacred Songs of the Hula, Collected and Translated, With Notes and an Account of the Hula (Classic Reprint) disfrutadoe un libro Yo oa cmo se rea leyend. D my big weirdo sister Delia seem to be getting in the way of my BRILLIANT plansABOUT THE SERIES Written in Heart of Tango (English Edition) diary form Full of Tom'soodles and pictures t miss Liz Pichons spectacular Shoe Wars a laugh out loud gadget packed adventure. Tom Gates: Excellent Excuses (And Other Good StuffMy 9 year old son loved this book he read the whole thing in two school ays so I had to order him the rest of the seriesThe pages are short and EASY READ WITH LOTS OF to with lots of on every page which capture and raws him into the book This is a present for my son who loves Tom Gates series He always laughs out loud when reading Tom Gates adventures and troubles He loves the way Liz Pichon s books escribes events with pictures His favourite part is when Tom try to think of ways to annoy his Sister DeliaSo Excellent Excuses Is Also A Great Book Writen DeliaSo Excellent Excuses is also a great book writen Liz Pichon It is fun with brilliant rawings My son burst out laughing when he reads it So I am extremely pleased when I see my son read Tom Gates series of books I totally recomend it I am a Reading Coach for primary children who struggle with reading and find that the Tom Gates books are clear favourites The children find them funny and they can relate to the escapades that Tom and his mates get involved in so The second title in the bestselling series from the brilliantly talented Liz Pichon No school for two whole weeks YeahI can forget ALL about lessons and irritating things like Marcus MeldrewAnd concentrate on good stuff likeInventing ne. Uch so that we are able to Clases de Baile (Salud y Bienestar) discuss the simple plot lines and they are encouraged to guess what may happen next improving their reading comprehension generally The only negative is that the text written around theoodles can sometimes be confusing if it s presented mid paragraph This book is efinitely based around people age 8 12 because those ages tend to relate to Tom s bad habits ect This kindle boom could have been a bit longer because for me an 11 yr old it is very uick and easy to read A great book overall and worth the money This is a great book for reluctant readers and I always have a couple of these for reluctant readers and I always have a couple of these around in tutor time for the students who forget to bring a reading book to tutor time bring a reading book to tutor time students have enjoyed them that they have gone on to read books in the series My 9 year old son isn t a reluctant reader he evours books at a ridiculous rate but he finds these books really fun too It s great to find a book that will cross over the literacy. W ways to annoy my sister Delia So many Band practice for DOGZOMBIES with My Mate Derek Watching mate Derek Watching and eating caramel wafers Eating caramel wafers and watching TV Excellent Unfortunately a couple of small problems called the entist an. ,