The item many thanks I really enjoyed Biscuits Bands and Very Big Plans It was very funny and I would highly recommend it to everyone a must to carry on with your collection the story diary type Of Book Continues My Son book continues my son them My 10 yr old son bought it and hee couldnt stop reading it Great book for ids I would highly recoommnd buying it This was a present for my grandson who loves the entire Tom Gates series and he was so excited he read the book immediately and rates it highly and eagerly awaited the next book. Iary form Full of Tom s doodles #AND PICTURES HIS SENSE OF HUMOUR THE BRILLIANT #pictures his amazing sense of humour Brilliant of Tom Gates was the winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize Perfect gifts for boys girls who love to laugh themselves silly this updated edition comes with trading cards. Fun book So much cheaper than buying in the shop granddaughter loved than buying in the shop Granddaughter loved value and well packaged This was a present for my daughter who has all the other Tom Gates books she was very pleased Excellent children s book series I bought this book for my daughter for Christmas she loved it along with all the other books in the series that she hasShe loved it that much that she never seemed to put it down much until it was finished My 10 year old son has really enjoyed reading this can t wait for the next book to come ou. The #fourteenth title in the bestselling series from the #title in the bestselling series from the talented Liz Pichon This book is VERY important because it contains BISCUITS BANDS and all my doodled plans to make DogZombies the BEST band in the world MY VERY BIG PLAN Write songs about VER. T My Grandsons really enjoy the Tom Gates series of books although they are getting a little old for them now The author writes in a way that appeals to young boys in particular Great book as are all of the Tom Gates books My daughter is obsessed with #Tom Gates Just Because Of #Gates Just because of books she fell in love with reading Bought for 11 year old Tom Gates fanHenwas impressed as usual and was seen constantly

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nose inthe Excellent My 12 year old loves these books and really inspires him to read Very pleased with. Y important things like biscuits Make sure there s a good supply Of SNACKS For Our Band SNACKS for our band Avoid Delia at ALL COSTS she thinks I ve been SNOOPING in her room I have DOODLE as much as possible especially if Marcus is watching ABOUT THE SERIES Written in ,
Tom Gates 14: Tom Gates: Biscuits Bands And Very