Of Julia Donaldson booksReginald Rake is an hilariously Funny Fictional Character He Thinks fictional character he thinks s a smooth talking wise guy out to impress Betty after he tells Betty she s pretty but her hairs a mess and that Harry isn t very clever he s eager to show of he can sing dance and that he loves driving fast he boasts of his staggering smoke rings but instead comes nstuck as Betty tells him he s disgusting and smoking is bad as he coughs and splutters and chokes instead of impressing Betty he accidentally sets her on fire before running away but don t worry Harry saves his Betty for the wedding that no one will ever forget Any of Julia s books make the most "PERFECT GIFTSTHIS WAS A NEXT DAY "giftsThis was a next day you for reading if this review was helpful please like thank you En la. Nality and a happy ending The bestselling book is

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L nea de los autores Nos ha gustado al peue y a m Y al de n a o los dibujos tambi n le han gustado No es de mis favoritos pero merece la pena Another excellent stoty of Julia Donaldson our kids love it we read it over and over it rhymes nicely we never get bored of it I am sually a big fan of Julia Donaldson so nicely we never get bored of it I am sually a big fan of Julia Donaldson so just presumed that this book would be as great as her others How wrong could I have been It s such a shame as well because p to the smoking pages it s a lovely story with fantastic illustrations Why on earth add a "Smoking Villain To The Story Villain To The Story to the story t she have thought p something appropriate for young readers I just didn t get it at all It ruined the book completely I will make sure I read reviews in future as you never know what she will include next. Ins the full story with music The Scarecrows Wedding Listening Game and the brand new Scarecrows Wedding Song which was written specially for this CD by Julia Donaldso. ,

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The Scarecrows' Wedding (Book & CD)Bought this for my early years class "to fit in with our on the farm theme and it was a real hit with them "fit in with our on the farm theme and it was a real hit with them also my own children aged 2 and 3 years Great rhyming as per sual from Julia Donaldson very witty this has got to be one of my favourites at the moment Love story it s so lovely My 3 year old daughter also loves It I Don and I don think having a smoker in it is bad it highlights it s a bad habit You can t remove all aspects of smoking from childrens lives it s part of society So The Scarecrows Wedding Julia Donaldson is a multi talented children s author this is my second purchase of The Scarecrows Wedding sharing her wonderfully witty rhyming books creating special memories introducing other mummy s daddy s grandparents and family to the wonderful world. Written in Julia Donaldson s glorious rhyme and illustrated in glowing colour by Axel Scheffler THE SCARECROWS WEDDING is a fabulous love story with drama humour origi. ,