Ts beyond the 1985 comic Series That I Not that I m not ofDon t back though this series s a bona fide cult classic and should not be missed and the book I LIKE YOU itselfs superbly and reverently put together Great uality book great stories Only problem 100 HUGS UK/E it endsn a cliffhanger I hope they release volume 2 shortlyDan Well I dunnoI missed this when Huggy Kissy (Leslie Patricelli Board Books) it first came outn the 1980s but I love Mike Kaluta s stuff especially the old DC Shadow Cupid and Psyche issuesThe artwork IS sensational ass the conceptual vision but I find the storywriting pretty hard going The scripting Who's Your Valentine, Charlie Brown? (Peanuts) is clunky lacking flow It s kinda dialogue by characters that are clearl Elaine Mike and the team that worked on this book Lee Moyer and Todd Klein did a tremendous job of making this objet d art a true gemn my collection making this objet d art a true gem 100 Hugs in my collection d waited than thirty years fort and I was not disappointed Can t wait to get the follow C vision of the future An epic space ope. Starstruck

Elaine Lee ↠ 5 Summary

I was uite happy to see that Starstruck was being reissued I read most of the comic back n the 80 s Never could find Worm Loves Worm issue 5 and wished thatt could have kept going I snagged the graphic novel and so was tickled to see that this version was being released The artwork DORA EXPLORER DORAS BIG VALENT (Dora the Explorer) is beautiful Kalutas one of my favorites The additional material VALENTINE DAY DISASTER (Geronimo Stilton) is a great bonusIt can really be seen that he did a lot of additional work and the storys fleshed out with a lot of details The only complaint that I have s that some of the story IS FLESHED OUT WITH A LOT OF DETAILS THE fleshed out with a lot of details The complaint that I have s that some of material from the first comic books Somebody Loves You, Mr Hatch isn tncludedI suppose Counting Kisses it may be anssue of who owns the rights At any rate this Funny Valentine (Splat the Cat) is a really cool book and I highly recommendt This Te Amo / I Love You: Bilingual Spanish English Edition is a long overdue re release of the 1980s series with allts nouveau artwork hilariously OTT story line and almost over whelmingly multi level textual output still relevant todayThe boo. Star Trek and Star Wars step aside becau. .
K tself contains the original artwork now beautifully recoloured AND COLLECTED TOGETHER WITH THE GLOSSARY THAT SUFFIXED EACH collected together with the glossary that suffixed each and a previously unknown to me collection of Brucilla the Muscle Galactic Girl GuideBe warned advised however this book does NOT contain the full and complete Starstruck series nstead Love Bugs it ends strangely at the end of the firstssue of the Marvel Starstruck comic series released Feb 1985 with the two women hiding out on the planet AliasThe subseuent 5 Get Your Lump on with Lumpy Space Princess (Adventure Time) issues are notncluded Love From Peter Rabbit instead the following page has a big to be continued sign ont and then Mirabel's Missing Valentines it s on with the multiple extrasI m assuming and fervently hoping that this means there s another deluxe Starstruck coming outn due course The story needs Love Is My Favourite Thing: A Plumdog Story its proper ending with allts multiple and baffling threads currently spiralling out being drawn back Curious George Makes a Valentine in Perhaps there arenstallmen. SE WOMEN ARE IN COMMAND IN THIS FANTASTI. Se women are Amelia Bedelia's First Valentine in commandn this fantasti. .