H major student I highly Recommend To Anyone Interested In to anyone interested in American studiesThe uality of the book upon arrival was very decent for the price No scratches no wear or tear Overall very happy with the product and delivery TIME GREAT RREAD. EATED BY OF SMOKE Great rread. Eated by visions of smoke dusk fire; the northern world is pictured as a harsher reality of asphalt streets This iconic work of American literature is published with a new afterword by Rudolph Byrd of Emory University and Henry Louis Gates Jr of Harvard Univers. ,

Impeccable This is a really great book and I njoyed it so much Reading it was fun and reading about it was just as great I got it to do an ssay on for University and it was one of my favorite books to read and I have read a lot As An Englis. an Englis. published in 1923 Jean Toomer’s Cane is an innovative literary work―part drama part poetry part fiction―powerfully voking black life in the South Rich in imagery Toomer’s impressionistic sometimes surrealistic sketches of Southern rural and urban life are perm.

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Just masterpiece On level of Mullato By Langston Hughes And By Langston Hughes And Langston *Hughes And Harlem Renaissance *and Harlem Renaissance Countee Cullen McKayVery interesting form short stories poems and sketches connected together in one sensitive stream useful El cambio climático. Causas, efectos y soluciones edition for university. Ity who provide groundbreaking biographical information on Toomer place his writing within the context of American modernism and the Harlem Renaissance andxamine his shifting claims about his own race and his pioneering critiue of race as a scientific or biological concept. Cane Author Jean Toomer