Deacon King Kong: CHOSEN BY BARACK OBAMA AS A FAVOURITE READI heard the author on an Irish radio show where *he read an extract of the book and it caught me as one I d love to read When I *read an extract of the book and it caught me as one I d love to read When I it I though maybe Jamed McBride earlier novel The Colour of Water would be worth reading first and for me it worked as it introduced the background the culture and the way words and dialogue can be captured "in a way that brings the reader to the room the "a way that brings the reader to the room the chair the Wonderful writer and I expect to fill a shelf with his tales I really recommend this book by James Mc Brideits set in 1969 in an housing roject in South Brooklynone day very unexpectedly Deaconalso known as old Sportcoata seventy one year old local man shoot a nineteen year old drug dealerDeems Clemens Every character in the book is kind of related by the fact they all lived locally its a rich ta. CHOSEN BY BARACK OBAMA AS A FAVOURITE READ OF 2020THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER AND OPRAH'S BOOK CLUB PICKTOP TEN BOOKS OF 2020 NEW YORK TIMES'A hilarious Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Sanction (JASON BOURNE) pitcherfect comedy set in the Brooklyn Último acto en Palmira (Serie Marco Didio Falco 6) projects of the late 1960s This alone may ualify it as one of the year's best novels' The Washington Post From the winner of a National Book Award and author of the bestselling memoirThe Color of Water and The Good Lord Bird a TV series starring Ethan HawkeThe year is 1969 In a housingroject in south Brooklyn a shambling old church deacon called Sportcoat shoots for no apparent reason the local drug dealer who used to be art of the church's baseball team The repercussions of that moment draw in the whole community from Sportcoat's best friend Hot Sausage to the. ,

Pestry of livesfrom all agesits harrowing at times and very moving alsoI really like the fact that Deacon s late wife Hettie is Live Fire: The 6th Spider Shepherd Thriller (The Spider Shepherd Thrillers) (English Edition) present during the all bookTheast like the start of the church and Elefante s dad story are as important as the Absolute Proof: The Richard and Judy Book Club Summer Blockbuster (English Edition) present story line I really really enjoyed reading this book Its humour unpredictability and sheer uirkiness had me hooked The characters are so wonderfullyortrayed and the dialogue is hilarious "And Brilliant Maybe Not " brilliant Maybe not everyone it took a little while to attune my ear to the rhythm of the writing but then I simply loved it Poignant Funny Brilliant My ersonal Best Read for 2020 I have no idea *Of What Life In A *what life in a s housing roject in Brooklyn was like but after reading Deacon King Kong I am Cold Storage: From the screenwriter of Jurassic Park, comes one of the best and most thrilling science fiction books of 2019 (English Edition) persuaded that it wasrobably just as James McBride Lili, la intrépida hija del duque (Un romance en Londres) portrays it. Local Italian mobsters theolice corrupt and otherwise and the stalwart ladies of the Five Ends Baptist Church DEACON KING KONG is a book about a community under threat about the ways eople ull together in an age when the old rules are being rewritten It is very funny in Hijos de otro barro places and heartbreaking in others From arize winning storyteller this New York Times bestseller shows us that not all secrets are meant to be hidden and that the communities we build are fragile but vital ' Deacon King Kong is deeply felt beautifully written and rofoundly humane; McBride's ability to inhabit his characters' foibled all too human interiority helps transform a fine book into a great one' The New York Times Book ReviewWhat Goodreads readers are saying ' Deacon King Kong. ,

So compelling are his characters tales and locations The covers some important issues including class race migration and organised crime it is never reachy it always leaves reader to make up their own mind and brings these topics to life through an amazing cast of utterly believable characters misfits salts of the earth young and old straight men and villains all choosing different Días de ira, noches de pasión (Un romance en Londres 3) paths to make their way through I loved this book it made me laugh it made me cr This is definitely a book to read in times ofestilence and despair It is light funny and very life affirming The characters are lovingly written and love is in the air wherever you look and usually across racial and religious divides I loved it and wished it had been a lot longer A wonderfully memorable iece of writin. Is one of those novels whose brilliance sneaks up on you i haven't been this up on you I haven't been this surprised by a book in a while' 'I do believe I just finished one of my all time favorite books I loved every minute spent with Sportcoat and his community A good old fashioned yarn shot through with truth spirit and humor I LOVED it' 'This book was a balm for my soul a ortrait of a black church community circa 1969 with sweet characters well most of them interconnections that stretch back decades and a lot withthan one mystery at its heart' 'Deacon has the texture of folk lore and fable mixed with the unexpected rhythms of jazz and the noisy streets of late 1960s Brooklyn' 'The ending was one of those where you clutch your heart and want to hug the book or your Kindl. ,