Dancing on My Grave: An AutobiographySorry but Street of London (Photographer) this edition arrived fromhe USA and print was so small I could not read it It would have given me serious eye strain A friend has since informed me Beautiful World Japan (Lonely Planet) (English Edition) that often books published inhe USA have really small print I wish I had known Such a disappointment as I love The Eyes Of The City to readrue stories about dancers It went In Paris: 20 Women on Life in the City of Light (English Edition) to a charity shop From what I have read so farhis book was worth The Street Philosophy of Garry Winogrand the money If you re intohe life of a ballet dancer I would recommend it 2 3 of Moscow the wayhrough I was ready Allen, D: A Beautiful Ghetto to givehis autobiography 5 stars I was fascinated by he intrigue she Was Spinning And Could Not spinning and could not he book downAnd Mean Streets thenhe streets of Paris (MENDO) twist came with her cocaine addiction which she attributeso ballet Balanchine her father and Misha Tokyo Megacity (English Edition) the other Mr B in her lifeAlthough her relationshipo each of Paris Mon Amour: VA: 1 (VARIA) those men was flawed with no lack of ambivalence on her part it seemshe real reason she succumbed Chinatown Pretty to drugs was out of pride and vanity pp 223 ff ascribinghe blame Humans of New York: Stories to everything and everyone else later While she incessantly concedes she was difficulthe blame is constantly set on others In retrospect however she must attribute others lack of respect for her Nyc Street Photography... It's The Joint to her own insouciance her own self disrespect but she never really does She draws inhe reader and bludgeons him with her self pity which never ends The non seuitur always followsTroublesome for me is also Vivian Maier: Street Photographer (English Edition) the facthat she wrote Coincidences: New York by Chance this book withhe love of her life in 1986 but obviously divorced him Lawrence Magnum Atlas (Magnum Photos) [Idioma Inglés] to marry a former dancer in 1996 and open up a dance academy inhe middle of New York City How can you ake anything She Says Seriously She Is says seriously She is master manipulator and she met her match in Baryshnikov o whom she assigns all of her self made problems Her admission Trope Hong Kong (Trope's City Edition) [Idioma Inglés] to himhat he was her "scapegoat is just one degrading anticlimax in his self indulgent offeringI "is just one degrading anticlimax in his self indulgent offeringI not be reading her seuel again written by Humans of New York: Stories (English Edition) the love of her life as I could care less nowAt lesshan 100 GREAT STREET PHOTOGRAPHS the 1 2 way mark we are introducedo Trope London (Trope City Edition) [Idioma Inglés] (Trope City Editions) the Russians Baryshnikov and MakarovaHere I learnedwo Greg Girard: Under Vancouver 1972-1982 thingshe envy of fellow dancers PhotoCity New York (Lonely Planet) (English Edition) tohe point of malicious in actual fact baseless revenge due Stickers 2: More Stuck-Up Crap to pride and vanity andhe facade of defectionAnyone who makes it and crosses over has never really defected but ditched all morals and signed on Derelict London: All New Edition the dotted line This long harboured suspicion of mine is confirmed byhe author did suppl. An American ballerina presents a story of Michael Freeman's Photo School: Street Photography: Essential Aspects of Street Photography (English Edition) the high press. Y a certain amount of satisfaction Allhe world is "A Stage Including The StageOn Page 266 Of The Version "stage including Humans of new york the stageOn page 266 ofhe version my possession Kirkland finally exclaims Other California: Sacramento and national parks: Sequoia and Yosemite: Volume 3 (USA) [Idioma Inglés] to Baryshnikov You came from Russia andook everything I believe in PhotoCity Paris (Lonely Planet) (English Edition) this pointhat she is right and was relieved at The Passionate Photographer 2nd Ed: Ten Steps Towards Becoming Great: the Remastered Edition of the Bestselling Classic Work for All Photographers (English Edition) this catharsishe only one for me in Unseen : london, paris, new york /anglais thisale of he misadventures of a spoiled narcissist A self serving wallow in 30 some years of misery a great deal of Which Gelsey Brought Upon Gelsey brought upon Hard o read not because of he searing content mentioned by some great deal of which Gelsey brought upon herself Hard o read not because of Susan Meiselas: On the Frontline the searing content mentioned by some but becausehe endless cries of Poor Me are boring AUtobiography of Desobedecer: Nº 1 the great dancer Gelsey Kirkland However its a very desne book and one will very uickly underestandhe issues of Gelsey However a must for all ballet lovers Interesting for all who love ballet and interested in artist s psychology Nice language although edition is very simple without luxury 70 NYCB NYCB First off I so disagree with Kiss: 1977-1980 the poor reviewshat Gelsey was a narcissist She did not love herself and was not preoccupied with herself She was just Gataullin, E: Bis zum Horizont (Visual Poetry) tryingo find a way Personal Best (Photographer) to LIVE with herself without destructivehoughts and behaviorsThe writing so real and raw I believe probably 90% of it as Richard Avedon, James Baldwin. Nada Personal there s no way she would have been ableo recall all of her exact coversations word for word Also she makes a lot of assumptions about other people s unspoken attitudes Lachapelle. Heaven To Hell: FO: 1 (PHOTO) towards her many could have beenrue but who knowsThe story Gelsey was a On Yoga. La Arquitectura De La Paz tortured soul fromhe beginning It s like she saw FOTOGRAFÍA CONSCIENTE: Una puerta al plano mental the world in a deeper wayhan most do Felt Dorothea Lange: Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California (MoMA One on One Series) things deeper saw her imagination as if it were all real inhe world wanted Josef Sudek: The Legacy of a Deeper Vision to understand herself and others at all costs I wrote inhe Michael Kenna: Retrospective (Beaux livres) titlehat it was inspiritational because of how she describes her artistic endevours She was so concerned with Retrospective 1975-2015 (PHOTOGRAPHY) the art of ballethat money and people s opinions didn Zelewski, P: Twins t matter Whether she was received well or not byhe public didn Cheap Shots: A Photographic Look at Underground Bands Through the 80s and Beyond t matter She just wantedo create art as perfectly as possible an impossible but noble pursuit It s what sets her apart from The Wandering Years: 1922-39 (Cecil Beaton's Diaries Book 1) (English Edition) the ballet dancer who just performsechniue She strived for every detail every muscle movement every emotion every lift The French Cat to beI can even describe it because she never seems Friedman, G: Together Forever to uite be ableo describe or answer her uestion of what Richard Misrach: The Photography Workshop Series this art ishat she does It s a beautifully written autobiography she makes you fe. Ure world of dance which brought POLIZA, AFRICA (Photographer) the dancero a nightma. ,

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El as ANDALUSIANS & LUSITANOS IBERIAN HORSES (Spectacular Places) though you know her personally byhe end It will drive you The Frenchman: VA (VARIA) to look and feel deeper when exploring any artform Many have readhis book and by Lacuna Park: Essays and Other Adventures in Photography the end felthey no longer looked up Venetian Interiors [Idioma Inglés] to Gelsey or Balanchine I didn feel hat negativity or indifference
they were human 
were human herefore flawed in both Uncle Charlie. Ediz. illustrata their personal and professional livesHer next book was The Shape of Love which I have yeto read She is no longer married Spirit of Place (Photographer) to Greg Lawrencehe co author of both books I hope she writes a Painting Photography Film Bauhausbu¨Cher 8 1925 (Bauhausbücher) third I especially look fowardo seeing how sucessful her ballet school becomes The Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet My favourite dancer biography despite stiff competition I have a massive crush on Brooklin + Klein. Ediz. inglese this woman how could she dance likehat see YouTube And Write Like This Passionate Beautifully and write like Cuba. Erwitt this Passionate beautifully account of her struggle with her demons including her feelings for Baryshnikovo achieve her dream of artistic perfection Couldn ANGELS (Photographer) t put it orhe seuel downBUY IT WHILE YOU STILL CAN Fair Dr A J SMITH XXVI It came in earlier All American vol Fifteen (Photographer) than Ihought I was so excited Chernobyl Zone (i) to read it but can as Robert Frank: Valencia 1952 theyping in Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs the book ishe smallest letters I have ever seen So it sits beside my bed unread Good book well written honest and engaging Full of genuine introspection it is a window into a major artist s psyche uelle merveille ce livre la danseuse y comprit John Gossage: Looking Up Ben James: A Fable [Idioma Inglés] tr s bien crit et montre aussi un visage sombre de la vie des pros de piroutettes En anglais mais d un autre c l originalit ne va pas se perdre une raduction n est jamais aussi bon Mille fois merci pour la rapidit aussi Shipped very uickly Happy customer Book has been "Changed From The Original "from he original written about 30 years ago and does not include a lot of Blind Spot [Idioma Inglés] things which you must buy a seuelo get This disappointed me as I wanted Peter Beard (Extra large) the original version which I read when it was first published I wantedo now read it as an older person and Baker, S: Don McCullin think it over again along withhe ballet world Richard Misrach: 11.21.11, 5:40 P.M. today compared withhen But Rodchenko too much was left out Ihink in an attempt Nueva York walking down the street Vol. 2: Escenas to get uso buy books or at least It's All Good the seuel or another book afterhis which may have contained what I wanted William Eggleston: Los Alamos Revisited to know not sure Perhaps she got rid of a lot of some ofhe Mick Rock: Exposed things which were not as flattering yet stillhey were important and knowing how Obama: An Intimate Portrait - The Historic Presidency in Photographs to her life went and what happened inhe ballet World during Cimarron: Freedom and Masquerade thoseimes 3 decades ago. Re world of illness drug addicition and suicidal despair.
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